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Léo Azambuja, editor of For Kaua‘i, has won multiple journalism awards in the state of Hawai‘i, including investigative and enterprise reporting, spot news and feature writing, photojournalism and online reporting.

Island Activities – June 2017

Halli Holmgren and Licorice in Hanalei Bay, Kaua‘i's North Shore. Kayaking in Hanalei during the summer is mostly safe due to calm seas on the North Shore. But still, Licorice could teach a thing or two to his mama, Halli Holmgren, regarding safety: Always wear your personal flotation device. Photo by Léo Azambuja

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Kaua‘i, Deeply Healthy

By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i's Schiedea lychnoides. Photo by Ken Wood/NTBG Something magical happens on arrival at Lihu‘e Airport. The sweet gentle air of Kaua‘i enfolds you in a fragrant hug that lets you know you are truly here. The soft air, the relaxed fit of island clothes and beach slippers tell you it [...]

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Disinformation: Inventing Convenient Truths

By Larry Feinstein Graffiti on a wall in San Antonio, Texas. Photo courtesy of Stella Cooks/Conspicuous Blankness When do you think the first lie was insinuated from one, hairy upright person to another? I told a classic lie when I was around 12 years old. My mother found a pack of Marlboro in [...]

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Ouch! Those Stinging Portuguese Man-of-War

By Jan TenBruggencate A Portuguese man-of-war. Photo courtesy of NOAA Everybody’s got a theory on how to treat jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings, but most of those treatments don’t work. Getting stung is pretty rare in Hawai‘i, but if it happens, it is memorable. I’ve looked down and seen the blue tentacle of [...]

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Men in Business Highlights — June 2017

Robert Schleck Robert Schleck works for Waioli Corporation, the nonprofit organization managing the Waioli Mission House and Grove Farm museums, as well as the Locomotive Learning Park and other preserved open lands and cultural practices. He has been involved with this work since 1971, making this his 46th year. “It has been an honor [...]

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Advanced, Minimally Invasive Hip and Knee Replacements Offered at Wilcox

Dr. David Rovinsky is seen here working on a patient. Contributed photo Dr. David Rovinsky, orthopedic surgeon with the Wilcox Bone & Joint Center at Kaua‘i Medical Clinic, now offers the bi-cruciate sparing total knee replacement procedure. This is the first artificial knee implant that reportedly acts and feels like a “normal” knee, [...]

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Deadly Heatwaves Could Affect 74% of World’s Population

Number of days in a year by 2100 when climatic conditions will exceed the deadly threshold. a, strong mitigation and b, business-as-usual scenarios. Image courtesy of UH Seventy-four percent of the world’s population will be exposed to deadly heatwaves by 2100 if carbon gas emissions continue to rise at current rates, according to [...]

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DLNR Launches New App for Anonymous Tips on Violations

Visitors are seen here approaching and touching a green sea turtle on the North Shore of O‘ahu on this undated photo. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources urges the public not to touch, pick up, restrain, jump over, straddle, pursue, ride, harass, harm or otherwise disturb Hawaiian sea tutles resting on beaches. [...]

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Mayor-A-Thon 2017

By Tommy Noyes Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. gets a workout chauffeuring his grandchildren during the Mayor-A-Thon. Pre-register for this year’s event at www.GetFitKauai.com and be present to win fabulous prizes. On Saturday morning, June 24 a whole lot of bicyclists, runners, walkers and strollers will join Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. and friends at [...]

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Forecasting Coral Disease Outbreaks Across Pacific Ocean

Jamie Caldwell and assistant Sean Dimdoff conducting coral health surveys. Photo courtesy of David Slater Researchers at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology were recently awarded a $1.026 million grant from NASA to develop coral disease forecasting models for Hawaiʻi, U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands and the Great Barrier Reef, as [...]

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