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Before the Camera Clicks…

Keri Cooper, self-portrait

Keri Cooper, self-portrait

A Foolproof Guide to Stardom on Your Wedding Day

Tips by Pro Photographer Keri Cooper

1. Look Your Best

A well‐tailored dress will flatter your figure. Know how your dress will move in real life. Practice sitting and walking, making sure it doesn’t need constant adjusting. Consider the setting of your ceremony and reception when choosing your hairstyle and dress. Then practice your hairstyle and makeup before your wedding day.

2. List Family Photos You Want

Prepare and give your list to the photographer well in advance. Check with your photographer to make sure there’s time to accommodate your shoot list. Prior to your wedding day, advise your photo subjects where to be and when. Include on your list the names of family members and the groupings you want.

3. Schedule it — and Stick to it

Appoint someone else to handle Q&A. It’s what wedding coordinators excel at. They will make sure vendors are in place and communicate all your needs. Schedule mini-buffers throughout the day to alleviate stress.

4. See Him Before the Ceremony

Sound crazy? Think about it, his jaw will still drop when you walk down the aisle. This is a great moment for just the two of you to connect and even take your bride and groom portraits. You will look your best, fresh from hair and makeup and before nuptial tears. Bonus: taking bride and groom photos before the ceremony gets you to the celebration sooner!

5. Spend the Money on a Quality, Experienced Photographer

Images can only be captured once, but photos and albums can be made anywhere from a month to five years later. On a budget? Choose superb images captured over a lot of product. This may be the only opportunity to get photos of family generations or groups of friends together — don’t take chances with your wedding memories.

6. Keep Smiling

Remember, the cameras are on you. Practice your smile in the mirror and memorize it. Talk to your photographer about any areas of concern for your portraits, such as a scar, double chin, lazy eye, etc. Your photographer can pose you and give you tips to avoid problem areas by making them less noticeable, or suggesting other means. Consider an engagement portrait session to address any concerns. You’ll become more comfortable having your photo taken. Being confident during your portrait session will produce great photos and you will have more fun.

7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Everything may not go as planned, so be flexible. It’s too easy to get so caught up in what’s not happening that you miss out on what is going on. Relax. You’ve hired professionals capable of dealing with all sorts of wedding situations — let them handle the drama and you continue to enjoy yourself. Professionals are ready for any situation, understand their equipment, and remain eager to provide great service.

"For Kaua`i" June 2012 cover

"For Kaua`i" June 2012 cover. Photo of Angelique Ell by Keri Cooper

Editor’s note: Keri Cooper is the For Kaua`i cover photographer. To be in touch, call her at 808-652-4207; email her at; or visit her website at


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