Local Whales Highlighted in New Book

By Ruby Pap Rough-Toothed Dolphins spotted off Kaua‘i on Sept. 7, 2015. Photo by Robin W. Baird/Cascadia Research Until recently, I unconsciously used the term “whale seaso” without fully appreciating that besides our famous humpback visitors, there are many other species that are resident whales in Hawaiian waters. This is the subject of [...]

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Hawai‘i Love Legends

By Jan TenBruggencate 'Princess Kaia,' a modern artistic portrait shot by Daniel Finchum, exploring Hawaiian history and culture. Finchum uses wet plate collodion, a photographic technique developed in the 1850s, to add an antique feeling to his portraits. Hawai‘i is famous for its love stories, both real and imagined. Among the most tragic [...]

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Kamehameha and the Splintered Paddle

By Léo Azambuja Léo Azambuja This story has been told countless times and in many different ways. But in its core, it has always been about basic civil and human rights. So I’m just going to pick the version told by the late Mary Kawena Pukui. Kamehameha I needed human sacrifices for a [...]

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The Beautiful Hibiscus

By Jan TenBruggencate A Hibiscus waimea subsp. Hannarae, or koki‘o ke‘oke‘o in Hawaiian, seen here in Hanakāpī‘ai Valley, Nāpali Coast. Photo by Seana Walsh/NTBG On a slope next to a trail, just above a stream on Kaua‘i’s Na Pali coast, I came across a clutch of gorgeous tiny hibiscus flowers on a series [...]

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The Shifting Sands of Waimea Beach: New Data Evaluates Kikiaola Sand Bypass

By Ruby Pap Homeowner propagates vegetation on the newly established dune, hoping to retain the sand for as long as possible in front of the property. Charles Blay with his surveying equipment pictured in the foreground. Photo by Ruby Pap Few people think of Waimea when describing the quintessential Kaua‘i beach experience. I’ve [...]

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Planning to Win

By Virginia Beck Starting a new year means new projects — after we finish up the old ones! Of course if we have a new project we want to succeed. Kaua‘i has a lot to teach us about success. This enduring jewel of the Pacific is resilient, alive and fragile. Nature started working this project [...]

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New Year, New 80th Chapter of My Life

By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher Barbara Bennett on the runway during a fashion show in May 2014. How does one embrace an 80th birthday? You don’t feel 80, you don’t look 80 years old. As I approach 2017 with awe and disbelief, I’ve spent most of 2016 thinking about the [...]

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When We Were Young

By Jan TenBruggencate Old coffee containers in display at Kaua‘i Coffee in Kalaheo. Things were different when I was a kid. It’s hard to even image how different. It was just after World War II. The folks around us had gone through the privations of the Great Depression and severe shortages during World [...]

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