Growing Local Roots by Eating Local

By Léo Azambuja Kapaʻa Sunshine Market. Courtesy of You are what you eat. So eat local, and you’ll see how fast you’ll become a local. True dat, really. And I don’t mean eating Kahlua pig, chicken lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, opihi, poi, saimin, raw fish and da kine dis and dat [...]

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A Place of Refuge

By Virginia Beck Hikina a Kala Heiau in Wailua, Kaua‘i's Eastside When life gets tough, where do we go for peace, for refuge? It could be home, beach, music, surfing, church or nature. Kaua‘i is an amazing place to get your values and your senses realigned. Your pulse and blood pressure drop to [...]

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The Sands of Hanalei

By Jan TenBruggencate A mother and her daughter enjoy a rainy day at the beach in Hanalei Bay last December. We think of gorgeous Hanalei as a stable, vast half-moon bay, a two-mile crescent white sand beach and a wide plain of fishponds, river, town and taro. But Hanalei Bay has had a [...]

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10 Easy Nutrition Tips for Your Fittest Body Ever

By Samantha Fox Olson Samantha Fox Olson What if 2016 could really be the year you nail it? What if this is the year you learn how to get the maximum results for the minimum amount of effort? What if 2016 could be the year you finally stop the madness of exploding out [...]

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A Motorcycle Moment

By Larry Feinstein Shane Feinstein I had been laboring over a letter to my grandson, Shane, who turned seven Dec. 13. I am flying to see my family in Hoboken, New Jersey this month and I thought it would be interesting to use the letter format for my column. I relaxed, confident this [...]

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I love Kaua‘i’s Beaches

By Ruby Pap Ha‘ena, December 2015. Photo by Ruby Pap In my humble opinion, Kaua‘i has the most amazing beaches in the world. Besides their stunning natural beauty, beaches provide important natural and cultural resources. Forty seven percent of the island’s perimeter is made up of sand, more than any other Hawaiian island. [...]

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Ugly Aloha Shirt Rides

By Tommy Noyes Ugly Aloha Shirt riders in December included (front row) Roland Tanicala, Tommy Noyes, Ugliest Aloha Shirt contest winner Bruce Whale, Audrey Valenciano, Steven Yee and Roy Yamagata. On back row: Scott McCubbins, Lori Stitt, Lori Benkert, Karen Yee, Larry LaSota, and Angelo Catiggay. Photo by Lem Soria Kaua‘i Path board member Billy [...]

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Welcome 2016!

By Léo Azambuja Another year has gone by, but the good thing is, a brand new year is ahead of us. Let your imagination fly wild, think of the possibilities. It’s all yours. So here’s 2016, beaming with opportunities. I can’t wait to put all my personal and professional plans to work. We are introducing [...]

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New Year’s Resolution — Harmony

By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher Horses, wild boars, chickens and mynah birds come together at lunch time on a Kilauea property. Three words beginning with the letter H help to support our thoughts while living on Kaua‘i; harmony, happy and heavenly. Of course, there are a lot of other H [...]

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Ho‘okupu — Bring a Gift of Respect

By Virginia Beck ‘I Hele i kauhale, pa’a nu’olo i ka lima.When you go to someone’s house, take a gift.’— ‘Olelo No‘eau, by Mary Kawena Pukui Hawaiians are some of the most generous people on Earth. Alone in small numbers on this tiny group of remote islands; they nurtured the Earth and each [...]

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