Koloa Plantation

By Jan TenBruggencate The smokestack in Old Koloa Town, from the second mill built for Koloa Plantation back in 1841. Photo by Léo Azambuja The Hawaiian sugar industry didn’t start in Koloa, and Koloa wasn’t really the site of the first sugar plantation, but these rural myths aside, this South Kaua‘i community has [...]

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So Free and Sweet Music

By Virginia Beck Traditional slack key and contemporary compositions were the sound track of the times. Luaus, beach parties, sit-ins, demonstrations and marches were part of the new movement for young Hawai’i. “Our music was the social media of our time”, says Cindy Combs, as she relates the history of the Hawaiian renaissance of the [...]

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Proud of For Kaua‘i

By Barbara Bennett Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i owner and publisher, and For Kaua‘i editor in chief Léo Azambuja at Honolulu Airport on their way back from O‘ahu with two Society of Professional Journalists awards June 24. Yes, I’m proud to be recognized on a state level by the Small Business Advocate in Media [...]

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Mahalo Nui Loa

By Léo Azambuja For Kaua‘i owner and publisher Barbara Bennett and For Kaua‘i editor in chief Léo Azambuja show the three Pa‘i Awards from the Hawai‘i Publishers Association the newspaper won in May 24 at the Plaza Club in Honolulu. Mahalo Kaua‘i! We are six months into the year, and For Kaua‘i already [...]

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How High or Low Can the Oceans Go?

By Jan TenBruggencate Hanalei Bay We think of sea level changes in inches over periods of decades, but over longer time spans, the evidence is for far more dramatic rises and falls. How dramatic? Hundreds of feet different. Whole Hawaiian valley floors today were once underwater when oceans were higher. And some shallow [...]

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Liquid Sunshine Restores the ‘Aina

By Virginia Beck ‘Ohi‘a lehua trees with Kalalau Valley on the background. “I mohala no ka lehua i ke ke‘ekehi ‘ia e ka ua.” “The lehua blossom unfolds when the rains tread on it.” — ‘Olēlo No’eau, Mary Kawena Pukui The heavy rains of the past weeks are finally bringing relief to the [...]

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Tropic Care Is Back — Free Medical, Dental, Optometric Services

By Tommy Noyes Optometrist Maj. Tina Burr was deployed in Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2014, and assisted with free eye exams. This year from June 20 to 29, Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2016 will provide dental, medical, and optometric services including sports physicals, optometry exams, eyeglass production, adult health exams, tooth extractions, dental exams, and minor [...]

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Animal Chat — Trotting Piggy

By Pam Brown We humans usually assume animals understand the same things we do. But, as I am often reminded when communicating with animals, they rarely think like us. When my friends, Sid and Francie, moved into their new home, they brought with them their many planter pots of fresh zucchini, eggplant and lettuce, and [...]

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Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud

By Léo Azambuja My friend Noe inspiring double rainbows in Lihu‘e. We never see rainbows in clear sunny days; that’s not when we need them. They only show up when it’s cloudy, lifting our spirits. And who doesn’t smile at the sight of a rainbow? “When it looked like the sun wouldn’t shine [...]

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The Ice Factor: New Info on Increased Sea Level Rise

By Ruby Pap This map of Kapa‘a shows flooding with 3 feet of sea level rise. Blue areas indicate water depth, with dark blue being the deepest. Green areas indicate low-lying areas not hydrologically connected to the ocean. NOAA/UH SeaGrant A new study of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet published in the journal Nature [...]

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