Are You in the Right Fitness Program?

By Samantha Fox Olson Do you ever wonder if you are in the right fitness or wellness program for you? I mean really, there are countless of disciplines, classes, coaches, programs and protocols to follow out there. So much that it can actually make your head spin. But it can be broken down very simply. [...]

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El Niño’s Gifts to Kaua‘i: Hurricanes, Giant Surf

By Ruby Pap Kaua‘i’s Evan Valiere is seen here riding a large wave at Himalayas, O‘ahu. Photo by Kanoa Zimmerman Whoa, this certainly has been a nail-biting few months climate-wise, hasn’t it? With Hurricane Olaf (hopefully) veering to the northeast of us (at least at press time), that’s a record breaking 15 named [...]

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Fashion Changes — But Not Really

By Barbara Bennett, owner and publisher of For Kaua‘i One thing I learned in my professional education at Chamberlain School of Retailing, Boston, Mass., fashion is adapted today from the past. Our class in Fashion History remains very clear in my mind as we were carried through the periods in fashion from Egyptian history, 18th [...]

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Give Human Beings a Chance

By Léo Azambuja Syrian children are seen here in the Great Mosque of Aleppo, Syria, on Sept. 15, 2010, a few months before the Syria civil war started. Photo by Yeaowatzup Labeling human beings is the most effective way to create a divide, desensitizing people about the human suffering and also to push [...]

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Welcome Mariya Kai Jones to For Kaua‘i Team

By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher Mariya Kai Jones Back home and loving it, is Mariya Kai Jones, new Sales and Marketing Director at For Kaua‘i. Born and raised on Kaua‘i, she recently returned to the island with enthusiastic energy for a successful future in business and her personal life. Mariya joins [...]

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As Large Farms Decline, Small Farmers Hold Strong

By Jan TenBruggencate Photo courtesy of HDOA Kaua‘i is known as the Garden Island, but how our garden is changing. In 1982, according to the Hawai‘i Data Book, there were 410 farms on the island. The average farm size was 624 acres. Since then, the number of farms is way up, and the [...]

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The Dance of the Seasons — Makahiki and More Celebrations

By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i is always pulsating with the rhythms of life. Surf pounds and surges along the shoreline, children scurry off to meet the school bus, palm trees rock in the returning breezes; and the rain beats out a steady bass line on the roof, while the gutters gurgle and gush outside. We are [...]

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Kountry Style Kitchen — See What’s New

Story by Anni Caporuscio Photos by Steven Meredith French Toast with side of papaya, bacon, and scrambled eggs. We all know Kountry Kitchen. It’s an Eastside Kaua‘i restaurant, favorite for comfort food and good, honest grinds. With two glorious menu pages of breakfast food, plus a lunch menu carrying sandwiches and a burger [...]

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Coral Can’t Take the Heat Either

By Ruby Pap Corals at a southern site at Lisianski Island were previously bleached in 2014, but showed signs of recovery in August 2015. Photo by Courtney Couch In keeping with the temperature theme of my last column, I am sorry to report our ocean life is also being greatly impacted by this [...]

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The Journey

By Larry Feinstein Larry in the beginning of his journey. I knew at some point, I would actually be writing to you while on Larry’s Somewhere Under the Rainbow Motorcycle Adventure, a name I gave to this extravaganza of mine before I left. I have been writing about my planned journey for quite [...]

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