I Got a Haircut


By Larry Feinstein

No, I am not going to share a bizarre story with you about getting my hair cut, immediately followed by a life changing decision that I have been holding close for years.

However, I did have enough hair removed to easily overflow a pillowcase. The shearing was well timed because I have been thinking […]

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Free Class to Improve Your Bicycling Skills

By Tommy Noyes

First off, Kauai’s awesome Paradise Ride is coming up Aug. 1 and 2. So you, avid cyclists ready to challenge yourselves and support a worthy cause, should check the calendar listing for more info or to enroll. Also on the same calendar is the upcoming free Bicycling Skills for Adults class.

The County […]

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The Beauty of Summer

By Virginia Beck

Summer is in full swing. Night rains and day blossoms; and a south swell of magnificent power and force arrives. We love its thunderous crashing on the beach and the foamy shore break, but we respect the strength of the entire Pacific Ocean flung at our tiny island.

We don’t want to lose anyone; […]

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The Electronic Divide

By Richard E. Peck

Follow me on this.

My daughter just gave me an mp3. She’d already given me an iPod (or an iPad?) last Christmas.

I stuck them both in the closet that holds my combination lazer- printer-fax machine-scanner, a Blue-Ray DVD player (it’s red; go figure), a double-deck CD copier/burner, smart cellphone (also called a 4G […]

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How Citizen Science Fills the Knowledge Gap

By Ruby Pap

My dad once told me I don’t suffer fools gladly. After getting over the initial blow to my ego and the realization I am actually not the most patient person in the world, I dusted myself off and reflected about what perhaps he was really trying to say: That at my core, I […]

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Create Effortless Momentum, Faith in Your Fitness Success

By Samantha Fox Olson

I train women all over the globe, giving them the exact strategy they uniquely require to reach their personal fitness goals.

And although my clients range in greatly in their ages, current skill level, body types and personal goals, I still ask every client the exact same question at the beginning of each […]

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Bringing the Past to Life

By Jan TenBruggencate

The stone remnants of early Hawaiian structures are just the bones of what they actually represent.

A house foundation today may only be a rectangle of stones, with an opening in one wall for entry and perhaps a central hearth of stones in a square.

There is often little indication of how the structure functioned. […]

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Welcome to Kaua‘i, Caroline Farley

By Barbara Bennett, Publisher

I answered my phone, and the young voice on other side of the line was from a University of Georgia student. Caroline Farley had inquired through an email about a summer internship at For Kaua‘i. I reviewed her resume, and thought it would be a win/win situation.

Caroline is currently pursuing an undergraduate […]

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There Is Aloha in All of Us

By Léo Azambuja

I’m well aware of the power of bad service. The math is as simple as it is unfair: A good experience yields three comments, while a bad experience is spread to seven people.

I don’t know why this obsession of delivering bad news. Perhaps we tend to focus on the negative. But the truth […]

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The Garden Isle’s Fossil-Rich Landscape

By Jan TenBruggencate

A lot of folks think of fossils in terms of dinosaurs — things a couple of hundred million years old.

A place like Kaua‘i, which emerged from the ocean just five million years ago, couldn’t have much of a fossil supply. Right?

Wrong. There are fossils all over the island — fossil shells, fossil birds, […]

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