Rain Man Lives

By Larry Feinstein If what I am about to tell you is not true, I will smack myself really hard on either of my temples, depending upon which hand is free. We can really expose our stuff when the right things go off the rails, causing us to lose our footing. When we are cruising, [...]

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By Jan TenBruggencate These examples of the three edible Hawaiian ‘opihi are all of legal size for harvesting. At top, with green border, is makaiauli; right with yellow foot, is ‘alinalina; left, with gray foot, is ko‘ele. There are three species of edible limpets, called ‘opihi in Hawai‘i, that crawl the shoreline boulders. [...]

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Kawaihau Boardwalk

By Tommy Noyes Officer in Charge U.S. Air Force Major Craig Devore (left) and County of Kaua‘i Building Division Chief Doug Haigh met in mid-June at the base of the Kawaihau Boardwalk to check on construction progress. This Innovative Readiness Training project will be complete by the end of July 2017 and greatly improve [...]

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Welcome to Kaua‘i — Teen Challenge of the Hawaiian Islands

By Barbara Bennett and the Westside Christian Center Assembly of God A Christian-based help center focuses to provide adults and families with a proven effective and comprehensive solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. Teen Challenge began in 1958, when the Rev. David Wilkerson, author of The [...]

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Kaua‘i, Deeply Healthy

By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i's Schiedea lychnoides. Photo by Ken Wood/NTBG Something magical happens on arrival at Lihu‘e Airport. The sweet gentle air of Kaua‘i enfolds you in a fragrant hug that lets you know you are truly here. The soft air, the relaxed fit of island clothes and beach slippers tell you it [...]

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Disinformation: Inventing Convenient Truths

By Larry Feinstein Graffiti on a wall in San Antonio, Texas. Photo courtesy of Stella Cooks/Conspicuous Blankness When do you think the first lie was insinuated from one, hairy upright person to another? I told a classic lie when I was around 12 years old. My mother found a pack of Marlboro in [...]

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Ouch! Those Stinging Portuguese Man-of-War

By Jan TenBruggencate A Portuguese man-of-war. Photo courtesy of NOAA Everybody’s got a theory on how to treat jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings, but most of those treatments don’t work. Getting stung is pretty rare in Hawai‘i, but if it happens, it is memorable. I’ve looked down and seen the blue tentacle of [...]

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Mayor-A-Thon 2017

By Tommy Noyes Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. gets a workout chauffeuring his grandchildren during the Mayor-A-Thon. Pre-register for this year’s event at and be present to win fabulous prizes. On Saturday morning, June 24 a whole lot of bicyclists, runners, walkers and strollers will join Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. and friends at [...]

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King Tides Are Here! Help Document Them

By Ruby Pap Satellite observation of sea surface anomalies in the Pacific in April 2017. See for more info and images. Have you noticed higher than normal tides lately? No, you didn’t read the tide charts wrong — for the last year or so the islands have been experiencing tides that are [...]

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