Our Time Is Ticking

By Léo Azambuja National Tropical Botanical Garden Plant Extinction Prevention Specialist Steven Perlman doing research at Wailau, a remove valley on Molokai's North Shore. Photo courtesy of Hank Oppenheimer My take on Earth is that it has a collective mind. Our planet moves through space, orbiting around the sun as if it were [...]

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Pueo, Messenger of Gods or Endangered Native Owl?

By Virginia Beck A Pueo, or short-eared owl, in Kahana, Maui. Photo by Kim Starr Is the pueo a messenger of gods or an endangered native Hawaiian owl? Maybe it is both. In the island kingdoms of ancient Britain, one said, “when the iron came to the land,” to refer to a time [...]

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Sunscreen Dangers

By Jan TenBruggencate xWaters sampled off Po‘ipū Beach in 2016 showed levels of oxybenzone of 281-419 parts per trillion, above the 72 parts per trillion that is considered harmful to coral cells. Photo by Ruby Pap The dangers of certain sunscreens to coral reefs are so serious that some Hawai‘i legislators are considering [...]

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Are You Afraid of Ghosts?

By Léo Azambuja My mother has always told us, “You’ve got to be afraid of the living, not the dead.” It didn’t work much. While growing up, my siblings and I were still terrified of ghosts. I wish I could say as a grown-up I have shed that fear. But there is always that humbling [...]

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Aloha — the Gift of Native Hawaiians.

Aloha at Hanalei Bay By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i is home to many unique communities; one of which is the native Hawaiian people. Many of us are unaware of how special and rare this culture and community is. Visitors come for the relaxation, weather, the beaches, spectacular scenery and fragrant flowers. Visitors come for [...]

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Knocking on Hardwood

A new coffee table design Joe Sullivan calls his Rollerglide Revolver. It is stable because of the weight of a recycled truck disk brake drum. Its wood base spins in a lathe-turned groove filled with glass marbles. By Jan TenBruggencate In a dusty Lihu‘e warehouse, Joe Sullivan works with treasures — the hardwoods [...]

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Early Detection Key to Keeping Kaua‘i’s Streams Healthy

By Ruby Pap Salvinia molesta collected from Kilauea. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Brock If you see Salvinia molesta (Salvinia) in any of our streams please report it immediately to the Kaua‘i Invasive Species Committee (KISC) at 821-1490. In doing so, you will help prevent this noxious weed from taking over the ecosystem. Commonly [...]

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Dogs on the Path

By Tommy Noyes Cheryl and Joy Claypoole were glad to meet Dianne Kennedy on the path — they both own Old English Sheep Dogs. Path Ambassador Thomas Noyes and Kaua‘i Humane Society volunteer Randy Blake approached the dog owners to be sure they had poop bags and were complying with the county’s requirements. [...]

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Be a Winner for Life, Save a Dog or a Cat

By Léo Azambuja Licorice was a foster dog from the Kaua‘i Humane Society. When they called me back to return him to the shelter, we decided to keep him. I became a 'failed foster.' As I sit down to write this, my three dogs are safe asleep under my roof. In the morning, [...]

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They Followed the Starry Nights

By Virginia Beck A starry night illuminates Kalalau Stream in this long-exposure picture taken by @molokaitodd in June. The ancient Polynesian navigators used a highly trained awareness of the natural world to chart their way to these islands. They lived by the planetary clock, the planets, the tides, the currents, the seasons. Such [...]

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