The Beauty and Joy of May

By Virginia Beck

May is one of the most beautiful and joyful months of the year. So many things are blooming and flourishing after the spring rains.

In Waimea, the Gold trees (Tabebuia aurea) splash vibrant golden yellow across the deep turquoise skies of the Westside. A brief vision of brilliance flashes against the stark lava cliffs […]

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Whether Visiting or Living on Kaua‘i, Be Tsunami Aware

By Ruby Pap

I’ll be honest with you; up until 10 years ago I didn’t know hardly anything about tsunamis. “Tidal waves,” as I called them, were mostly the stuff of storybooks and legends. I didn’t grow up along the coast, and was formally educated in the mountains of Colorado and the lakes of Michigan. Pearl […]

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Earth Day in Lydgate Park 2015

By Tommy Noyes

Leading more than 130 willing volunteers through a community workday to celebrate Earth Day on April 18 was a lot like fighting a forest fire.

Both the Earth Day in Lydgate Park 2015 (“ED-15”) coordinators and firefighters use Incident Command System, a systematic tool for the command, control and coordination of emergency response.

“As Operations […]

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I Am Extraordinary

By Larry Feinstein

Well, it looks like the title gives away a long held secret of mine. However, it is not what you think and has everything to do with its opposite, the state of being ordinary.

Now, there is a word that bothers the hell out of me.

We are in this gumbo of life together and […]

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The Posture of a Champion

By Samantha Fox Olson

I was recently approached by Dr. Cheri Toledo of Illinois who said, “I love your work with mindset and would like to interview you for my upcoming telesummit, Power Up Your Mindset: How thinking like a champion will help you achieve your goals and equip you to live a wildly successful life!”

Having […]

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Share Aloha

By Léo Azambuja

I’m always amazed by how far aloha can go.

Last month, a friend of mine, Richard Duarte, a local boy from Pakalas, returned home from three hard-core surgeries on the Mainland. Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery and live a normal life, surf and work like it never happened.

However, his medical […]

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Get Fit Kaua‘i Gets National Award

By Tommy Noyes

Kaua‘i is enjoying a reputation around the state for our dedication to improving everybody’s fitness and wellness.

One organization that has been instrumental in coordinating this fundamental shift in our community is Get Fit Kaua‘i. The changes taking place here are so inspiring that our island-wide efforts have attracted the attention of national health officials.

In […]

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Harvesting Rainwater for a More Sustainable Kaua‘i

By Ruby Pap

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about water. In California, where I lived before moving here three years ago, water scarcity is common. My friends are often under water restrictions due to drought, and there are all kinds of crazy schemes to import water to hydrate Los Angeles or the Central […]

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Prior to Agriculture, Mana Plain Was the Largest Wetland in Hawai‘i

By Jan TenBruggencate

The broad agricultural fields from Waimea to Polihale, at the base of West Kaua‘i’s cliffs, may seem like an unchanged landscape, but they are far different than in ancient days.

Much of the area sometimes known as the Mana Plain was once a fertile wetland, some of it below sea level, protected from the […]

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Music Never Lets You Down

By Larry Feinstein

I can’t sing. I can’t dance. I hated my piano lessons. I love music.

I remember sitting on the front steps of my house at 69-30 179th street in Queens, New York. A palm-size, turquoise transistor radio magically broadcasting the most important sounds I had ever heard and doing it without being plugged into […]

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