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Putting the Ink Where My Mouth Is

By Léo Azambuja Léo Azambuja I wanted to write about traditional Hawaiian tattooing for quite some time. As a writer, I always appreciated Ernest Hemingway’s style; he would rather go through the real experience before he wrote about anything. So it was finally time for that long-waited plan I had of getting a [...]

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Our Time Is Ticking

By Léo Azambuja National Tropical Botanical Garden Plant Extinction Prevention Specialist Steven Perlman doing research at Wailau, a remove valley on Molokai's North Shore. Photo courtesy of Hank Oppenheimer My take on Earth is that it has a collective mind. Our planet moves through space, orbiting around the sun as if it were [...]

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Are You Afraid of Ghosts?

By Léo Azambuja My mother has always told us, “You’ve got to be afraid of the living, not the dead.” It didn’t work much. While growing up, my siblings and I were still terrified of ghosts. I wish I could say as a grown-up I have shed that fear. But there is always that humbling [...]

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Be a Winner for Life, Save a Dog or a Cat

By Léo Azambuja Licorice was a foster dog from the Kaua‘i Humane Society. When they called me back to return him to the shelter, we decided to keep him. I became a 'failed foster.' As I sit down to write this, my three dogs are safe asleep under my roof. In the morning, [...]

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On Kalalau Permitting System

By Léo Azambuja Left to right, Halli Holmgren, Todd Yamashita and Léo Azambuja during sunset in Kalalau in June. Kalalau, the crown jewel of Napali Coast and one of the most beautiful places on Earth, is right here in our backyard. But because of a permitting system favoring the visitor industry, local residents [...]

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By Léo Azambuja Gov. David Ige, left, and KPCC President and Chair Lesther Calipjo during the cultural center’s groundbreaking ceremony March 29, 2016. Almost five years ago, the Kaua‘i County Council opened its weekly meeting before an audience occupying pretty much every seat at the Council Chambers in the Historic County Building in [...]

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It’s a Hat Trick — For Kaua‘i Wins Another Pa‘i Award

Léo Azambuja, editor in chief of For Kaua‘i Newspaper, is seen here holding the hardware for Second Best Editorial Opinion during the 32nd Pa‘i Awards presented by the Hawai‘i Publishers Association in Honolulu May 23. Photo by Nathan Eagle For the third year in a row, For Kaua‘i Newspaper represented the island of [...]

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May the Science Be with You

By Léo Azambuja Nancy Kanna, left, and Ruby Pap, two of the many organizers of Kaua‘i’s March for Science, endured the rain with a smile. Let’s get a few things straight. The Earth is neither flat nor the center of the universe, dinosaurs did roam the Earth millions of years ago, humans and [...]

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While You and I Were Sleeping

By Léo Azambuja Léo Azambuja It feels like since last year’s elections, more people than ever have been following national news. But in the midst of this Donald Trump frenzy, we might have missed something quite large happening elsewhere. While I was sleeping — while all of us were sleeping — four countries [...]

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