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Kaua’i County Farm Bureau Fair Money Exchange

The carnival was back in town this summer. For four days I sat in a ticket booth and sold the gold $1 coins that are used to play the games of "skill." Thursday evening started out slowly.  The Susan B. Anthony dollar coins came in rolls of $25. I quickly learned to break the roll [...]

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By Janet Miller I used to be quite obsessed with time.  Time is money.  Time is valuable.  Time waits for no man.  Time marches on.  Being on time was of utmost importance, much greater than just a social nicety.  A person who walked in late for a scheduled event was glared at, ostracized, received at [...]

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Where Are The Elephants?

By Janet Miller Now there's something I had never seen in my hometown of  Chicago... A tented house, being prepared for fumigation.  It is quite the necessary and lucrative business here in the islands. When I first built my house here in Kaua'i, I was naive enough to think the process would be comparable to [...]

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Five Cents on the Dollar

By Janet Miller We have several thrift stores on Kaua'i, so I frequently patronize three of them in Lihu`e. When you live on a small island, and you need a particular "something", you have five choices. You can: Buy it new at a Kaua'i store. Fly to O`ahu for a wider selection of stores to shop. [...]

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What I Learned as a Street Walker

Story by Janet Miller Don’t judge me!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’ve been walking the streets of Kaua’i for the last five years.  I live three miles mauka of the highway, and there are no sidewalks, so I am forced to do my fitness power walking on the streets until [...]

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Watch that Zipper

By Janet Miller Kuhio highway, in Kapa`a town starts out like any other main road in the Hawaiian islands, but then something magical happens. Traveling south, when you get to the bypass road, the otherwise simple and unassuming roadway turns into "Runway Road,"  or  "Obstacle Alley" or -- wait are you ready for this one-- Coney [...]

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Uninvited Guests

Story and photo by Janet Miller Something I never considered when planning to live in Hawaii, was the little, crawly things. I was aware of the incredible rate at which plants grow, but had not heard about the comparable fertility of the multi-legged inhabitants. Why did no one talk about bugs when they told me [...]

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Making a Difference in the Next Generation

During the holidays, Angel Tree reaches out to children who have an incarcerated parent. Courtesy photo by Janet Miller A friend extended a strange invitation to me.  She is the spokesperson for the Department of Corrections for the State of Hawai`i. The warden of the Kaua’i Community Corrections Center invited her to join [...]

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Fresh Breath In Kaua`i

  Sharing "ha". Photo by Janet Miller Fresh Breath In Kaua’i by Janet Miller Traditions, rituals, ancient Hawaiian customs.  Understanding them is so very important if you want to be respected in the islands. One very spiritual custom is called sharing "ha”.  The “ha” is the Hawaiian word for one’s breath.  It is [...]

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