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Growing ‘Best of Show’ Daylilies

By Richard E. Peck Amaryllis for sale at a grocery store in Kapa‘a. Photo by Léo Azambuja We should have been suspicious when the daylily named Little Grapette was taller than any rose bush in our garden. In catalogues, it’s a foot all, pleasantly purple but not rich, royal and velvety. We’d grown [...]

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Learning to Drive Aloha

By Richard E. Peck Freckles driving to run errands at Costco in Lihu‘e. There’s a fine line between a normal, law-abiding life and the abrupt descent into the criminal underworld. For me, the plunge from respectability into the pit of outlawry happened on a recent rainy Friday and followed a single misstep — [...]

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The Electronic Divide

By Richard E. Peck Richard E. Peck Follow me on this. My daughter just gave me an mp3. She’d already given me an iPod (or an iPad?) last Christmas. I stuck them both in the closet that holds my combination lazer- printer-fax machine-scanner, a Blue-Ray DVD player (it’s red; go figure), a double-deck [...]

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Who’s Been Writing on My Shirt?

By Richard E. Peck Richard E. Peck The tie my aunt gave me for high school graduation had writing on it. Halfway down one edge were two embroidered initials, “CM.” I assumed the store had given her someone else’s tie. Someone initialed “CM.” Maybe Connie Mack, or Corbet Monica, or Charles Manson, who [...]

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A Slight Heart Attack

By Richard E. Peck The results of my annual physical exam? A clean bill of health: low cholesterol level, low/normal blood pressure, low triglycerides (whatever they are), spotless X rays … all followed shortly by a heart attack. Since my doctor is impressively expensive, how could I doubt him? The test results he read to [...]

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Remember Your First Pizza?

By Richard E. Peck Richard E. Peck It happened on a Sunday night in the USMC barracks at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville. Three other PFCs swung by my bunk to ask if I wanted to go with them “for pizza.” “Sure,” I said. Only problem? I had no idea what ”pizza” was. [...]

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My Mainland Cousin

By Richard E. Peck Richard Peck We live on an island. Our Mainland friends and relatives misunderstand everything about that, starting with the time – as I learned when the phone rang at 04:00 yesterday. Oh-four-hundred. That’s the pitch-black, only-chickens-are-awake, pleasantly-cool 4:00, not the full-sun, almost-happy-hour 4:00. “I WANTED TO GET YOU AT [...]

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Father’s Daze

By Richard E. Peck Richard E. Peck Celebrating Mother’s Day is a piece of cake. Take Mom out to dinner. She gets to eat rubber chicken and gutta percha peas in a restaurant jammed with 312 strangers also wearing carnation corsages and shoes that hurt. She gets your attention. And affection. Mom’s grown [...]

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