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Local Whales Highlighted in New Book

By Ruby Pap Rough-Toothed Dolphins spotted off Kaua‘i on Sept. 7, 2015. Photo by Robin W. Baird/Cascadia Research Until recently, I unconsciously used the term “whale seaso” without fully appreciating that besides our famous humpback visitors, there are many other species that are resident whales in Hawaiian waters. This is the subject of [...]

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The Shifting Sands of Waimea Beach: New Data Evaluates Kikiaola Sand Bypass

By Ruby Pap Homeowner propagates vegetation on the newly established dune, hoping to retain the sand for as long as possible in front of the property. Charles Blay with his surveying equipment pictured in the foreground. Photo by Ruby Pap Few people think of Waimea when describing the quintessential Kaua‘i beach experience. I’ve [...]

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Climate Change May Become a Serious Threat to Kaua‘i’s Birds

By Ruby Pap An i‘iwi forages on an alani tree in Kaua‘i’s upper forest. Studies by Atkinson and Lapoint show 99 percent of i‘iwi die after a single bite from a mosquito infected with avian malaria. Photo courtesy of Lucas Behnke Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of scary news [...]

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Sunscreen Found Harmful to Coral Sampled on Kaua‘i

By Ruby Pap Waters sampled off Po‘ipū beach, Kauai’s popular tourist destination and premier snorkel spot, were found to have levels of oxybenzone of 281-419 parts per trillion. Photo by Ruby Pap The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is asking all ocean users in Hawai‘i to avoid sunscreen containing oxybenzone, also [...]

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Kaua‘i’s Conservation Efforts Continue to Shine

By Ruby Pap Kupu Conservation Intern Susan Deans is seen here in Hanakāpī‘ai Valley, Nāpali Coast. Photo by Seana Walsh/NTBG This month, the world’s largest environmental and nature conservation event is being held in Honolulu. The selection of Hawai‘i as host for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress [...]

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New Tsunami Evacuation Zones

By Ruby Pap Latest tsunami evacuation map for Wailua to Keālia, showing the normal and extreme tsunami evacuation zones. Courtesy of Kaua‘i County Civil Defense Agency I was challenged at a recent public meeting by a particularly inquisitive individual. He wanted to know why the Eastside’s tsunami evacuation zones were so large, especially [...]

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The Ice Factor: New Info on Increased Sea Level Rise

By Ruby Pap This map of Kapa‘a shows flooding with 3 feet of sea level rise. Blue areas indicate water depth, with dark blue being the deepest. Green areas indicate low-lying areas not hydrologically connected to the ocean. NOAA/UH SeaGrant A new study of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet published in the journal Nature [...]

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Bridging Science and Community in ‘Anini

By Ruby Pap Kaiaulu students are seen here learning about the cultural and environmental history of ‘Anini beach with long time residents walking along the coastline. Photo taken at Hololoa/Jerry’s Channel at ‘Anini Beach March 2015. Photo courtesy Mehana Vaughan Environmental science is not just about sampling the natural world, going to the [...]

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Humpback Whale Population 101

By Ruby Pap The Sanctums research vessel waits for a whale to surface. Courtesy E. Lyman – HIHWNMS/ NOAA Permit # 14682 Who says Hawai‘i doesn’t have seasons? Starting around the holidays, our eyes linger on the horizon, waiting for that first humpback whale sighting. When it happens, we shout for joy (well [...]

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