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Let’s Get on the Same Page with Sea Level Rise

By Ruby Pap Sea-level rise has already become very damaging in Hawai΄i. Observed SLR-related problems include coastal erosion, episodic flooding, and drainage problems at high tide in some urbanized areas. This photo was taken at Salt Pond Beach Park during the king tide June 23. Note the large waves and overwash threatening to flood [...]

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Early Detection Key to Keeping Kaua‘i’s Streams Healthy

By Ruby Pap Salvinia molesta collected from Kilauea. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Brock If you see Salvinia molesta (Salvinia) in any of our streams please report it immediately to the Kaua‘i Invasive Species Committee (KISC) at 821-1490. In doing so, you will help prevent this noxious weed from taking over the ecosystem. Commonly [...]

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King Tides Are Here! Help Document Them

By Ruby Pap Satellite observation of sea surface anomalies in the Pacific in April 2017. See for more info and images. Have you noticed higher than normal tides lately? No, you didn’t read the tide charts wrong — for the last year or so the islands have been experiencing tides that are [...]

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Remember What Mom Said: Wash Your Veggies! It’ll Keep You Healthy

By Ruby Pap A semi-slug on a nickel. Photo courtesy of Marlena Dixon, Epidemiologist Hawai‘i residents and visitors take heed. Rat Lungworm (Angiostrongyliasis) is a serious illness that requires precaution on how we handle, prepare and grow our food. While we are lucky to have no reported cases on Kaua‘i this year, we [...]

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The Meaning of Science

By Ruby Pap The Oscar Elton Sette, a multipurpose oceanographic research vessel from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is seen surveying the health of bottom-fish populations in waters off Kealia Beach in Kapa‘a late March. Photo by Léo Azambuja So there is this thing called science, and it happens to be the [...]

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Local Whales Highlighted in New Book

By Ruby Pap Rough-Toothed Dolphins spotted off Kaua‘i on Sept. 7, 2015. Photo by Robin W. Baird/Cascadia Research Until recently, I unconsciously used the term “whale seaso” without fully appreciating that besides our famous humpback visitors, there are many other species that are resident whales in Hawaiian waters. This is the subject of [...]

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The Shifting Sands of Waimea Beach: New Data Evaluates Kikiaola Sand Bypass

By Ruby Pap Homeowner propagates vegetation on the newly established dune, hoping to retain the sand for as long as possible in front of the property. Charles Blay with his surveying equipment pictured in the foreground. Photo by Ruby Pap Few people think of Waimea when describing the quintessential Kaua‘i beach experience. I’ve [...]

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Climate Change May Become a Serious Threat to Kaua‘i’s Birds

By Ruby Pap An i‘iwi forages on an alani tree in Kaua‘i’s upper forest. Studies by Atkinson and Lapoint show 99 percent of i‘iwi die after a single bite from a mosquito infected with avian malaria. Photo courtesy of Lucas Behnke Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of scary news [...]

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Sunscreen Found Harmful to Coral Sampled on Kaua‘i

By Ruby Pap Waters sampled off Po‘ipū beach, Kauai’s popular tourist destination and premier snorkel spot, were found to have levels of oxybenzone of 281-419 parts per trillion. Photo by Ruby Pap The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is asking all ocean users in Hawai‘i to avoid sunscreen containing oxybenzone, also [...]

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