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KaiKini Bikinis — From Kaua‘i to the World

By Léo Azambuja Taryn Rodighiero Just six years ago, Taryn Rodighiero invested her life savings on a swimsuit-manufacturing business. She had never sewn before, but decided she wanted to make bikinis because she was frustrated with what was in the market. “I wanted something that stayed on … that wouldn’t fall apart, that [...]

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OnoPops — Farm to Stick Popsicles

By Léo Azambuja OnoPops owners Greg Askew and his fiancée, Candace Boxer. We are definitely lucky to live on Kaua‘i, for countless reasons. One of those reasons turns out to be really sweet, in dozens of levels. It’s called OnoPops. “OnoPops are handmade Hawaiian gourmet frozen pops made here on Kaua‘i,” said Greg [...]

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Pineapple Pilates, the Key to a Well-Balanced Body

By Léo Azambuja Pineapple Pilates owner Jennifer Davis demonstrates how to use an apparatus equipment. Who would know that just by shifting the way we move would improve our lives dramatically? Joseph Pilates did. And just about anyone can benefit from it. “Pilates is a form of exercise, but it’s also an entire [...]

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Kaua‘i Chocolate Co. — the Secret to Happiness

By Léo Azambuja The secret to a happy life, most would say, is chocolate. Now add a Hawaiian flair to it — or better, a Kauaian flair. How luckier are we for living on this island? “Our chocolate is the best; our chocolate is really, really good,” said Jessica Tabalan, manager at Kaua‘i Chocolate Company [...]

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Your Perfect Swimsuit at Sweet Bikinis

By Léo Azambuja Tanira Weston-Webb, owner of Sweet Bikinis in Kapa‘a For the majority of her life, Tanira Weston-Webb has been closely connected to water. Her first job was teaching swimming in Brazil. Then she became a professional bodyboarder. So when she decided to open a retail business, she sold something she knew [...]

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Aloha Furniture Gallery

By Léo Azambuja Leslie Rodriguez, sales and design consultant at Aloha Furniture Gallery. Aloha Furniture Gallery in Lihu‘e has been furnishing Kaua‘i’s homes for nearly a quarter century, offering quality, style, value and uniqueness to island residents and also to the hospitality industry. “We sell furnishings for vacation rentals and full-time residents,” said [...]

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Salty Wahine

By Léo Azambuja Salty Wahine owner Laura Cristobal-Andersland, right, and Jessica Montoya, executive administrative for the business — and also Laura’s future daughter-in-law. As a child, Laura Cristobal Andersland liked to create salt rubs. She grew up and made a career in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, she still kept making salt rubs. After [...]

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Excellence at The Computer Hospital

By Léo Azambuja Jeff Elkins, a former DJ at Kong Radio, took over the ownership of The Computer Hospital in 2010, and has since expanded the business. Jeff Elkins is the kind of person who thinks outside the box, even though he works inside the box. A computer box, that is. He fixes [...]

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