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High School Sweethearts Keep it Cool on Kaua‘i

By Ava Wilkinson Maja and Colby Ayonon Last summer seemed to be much more humid and hot than any summer I remember. A “Make your own AC unit” video on YouTube went viral, so we decided to try it. After $30 worth of materials and 50 pounds of ice, the experiment was a [...]

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Palm Palm Kaua‘i, an Eclectic Boutique

By Ava Wilkinson Marjorie DeSouza Kaua‘i fashion scene is an eclectic mix of the latest surfer dress and resort wear. Let me set the scene for you: There’s an impending special occasion; you stand in front of your closet and rifle through your clothes. Your options? Wear an old favorite or find something [...]

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Kamanu Composites — Lighter, Faster

By Ava Wilkinson Luke Evslin. Photo by Andy Bertagnoli A Pueo parliament is imminent. Parliament as in gathering, Pueo as in OC-1, or one-man outrigger canoe, crafted by Kamanu Composites. “The faster you go, the more fun paddling gets. So really, the aim of our clinics is simply to make people get the [...]

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Tamba Surf Co., True to its Roots

By Léo Azambuja Tamba Surf Company owner Saa Tamba and employee Tessa Bueno. From its humble beginnings in a tiny retail space in Kapa‘a 17 years ago, Tamba Surf Company shot to fame and became a household name in surfing circles around the world. The reasons for its success include all the values [...]

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All You Need Is at Bamboo Works

By Léo Azambuja Bamboo Works owner Julian Ruppert Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in the world, providing raw material for almost everything you can imagine; building supplies, transportation, clothing, furniture, accessories, kitchen utensils, surfboards and many more uses. And you can eat it too. Bamboo Works, in the heart of [...]

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Crush Boutique — Love at First Sight

By Léo Azambuja Crush Boutique — love at first sight You’ll love Crush at first sight, or at least you’ll have a crush on it. This tiny little boutique in Waipouli represents everything positive about Kaua‘i, its people and doing business here. Opened four years ago by a mother-daughter team, only a couple [...]

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Golden Lotus a Space for All

By Chandley G. Jackson Rod and Isabelle Fisher are seen here doing a demonstration during a massage course. Photo by Chandley G. Jackson Tucked in the heart of Kapa‘a is a meeting place for all people with vast arrays of interests. A place to gather, relax, inspire, move, heal, teach and learn. The [...]

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Hanalei Surf School Shares the Love for Surfing

By Caroline Farley A young customer at Hanalei Surf School is seen here learning how to surf in Hanalei. Growing up on the North Shore of Kaua‘i, Evan Valiere has lived the dream his whole life. He started surfing really young, and turned professional in his teens. By the time he was 20, [...]

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Lawa‘i Mushroom Farm Keeps Expanding

By Caroline Farley Keith Silva at his Lawa‘i Mushroom Farm After more than two decades of a close relationship with gourmet mushrooms, a Lawa‘i resident and former restaurant chef turned a unique hobby into a business that just keeps mushrooming. “I realized I needed to fulfill my passion and make a living out [...]

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Art for the Masses, by the Masses

By Léo Azambuja From left to right, theater director Donovan Cabebe and business partners Chris Serve and Karlos DeTraux. Creativity takes courage, the late French painter Henri Matisse once said. For Karlos and Kathy DeTreaux, this sounds just about right. With 15 minutes to decide whether to embark on a 12-year lease for [...]

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