County to Host Community Meeting on Mental Health

The Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Treatment and Community Integration will host “Drug Addiction 101,” a community meeting at Kapa‘a Missionary Church on Tuesday, Dec. 12 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. During the meeting, community members will hear about mental health services available for youth and adults. Testimony about mental health will also be delivered at [...]

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KVMH Foundation Awarded Vidinha Grant to Furnish Hospital

By Steven Kline Left to right, KVMH Charitable Foundation board member Jill Faye-Papworth, president Steven Kline, board member Narreinar Williams, and vice-president Mark Kennett. Photo by Kelly Liberatore The Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation strives to organize various fundraisers and functions throughout the year. One of our biggest fundraisers is our Annual [...]

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The Choices We Make Matter

By Uma Sivanathan A taro patch in Kalalau Valley, cultivated with organic fertilizers. Photo by Léo Azambuja Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers. As time passed, humans learned to collect seeds and grow food. They knew instinctively that by nurturing and protecting the ecosystem around them, the essential elements of life — air, [...]

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The Truth about Micronutrients

By Benjahmin Koenigsberg Eating more nutrient-rich foods, such as this raw zucchini noodles with semi-raw organic tomato and basil sauce, gives us a chance to recalibrate, and also stimulates cravings for a diversity of nutrient-rich foods. “The most important thing to remember about food labels is that you should avoid foods that have [...]

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UH Study: High-Quality Diet Can Reduce Internal Body Fat

A long-term healthy, high-quality diet can reduce the risk of cardiometabolic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke according to a new University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center multiethnic cohort study. A high-quality diet includes a diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, with lean, low-fat protein sources plus, fat-free or low-fat dairy [...]

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Preventing Crystal Meth Addition

By Uma Sivanathan Kaua‘i shows its beauty every day to each of us, such as this golden sunset at Kalapaki Beach. Sometimes we just need a friend or a relative to help us to see the beautiful and positive things right in front of us. Photo by Léo Azambuja Crystal meth, also known [...]

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Alzheimer’s – Is it Our Future?

By Laurel Coleman, MD — Kaua‘i Medical Clinic Laurel Coleman, MD It is common knowledge that we are living longer than ever before. Advances in public health, surgery, vaccines and medications for chronic diseases have contributed to longer life expectancies for many people. Less discussed however is the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease [...]

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Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2017 Medical Mission

By Tommy Noyes Residents of Kaua‘i will once again benefit from medical services provided at no charge during the Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2017 medical mission. This will be the fourth medical mission sent to Kaua‘i under the Innovative Readiness Training program. IRT is a Pentagon program. Medical professionals and logistical support personnel serving in the [...]

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Loving Our Keiki, Our Youth, Our Teens

By Uma Sivanathan In dealing with the challenges and stresses of daily life, we might be led to habits that are not healthy for us, our children and all those around us. Smoking cigarettes is one of those habits. There has been much education on the risks of smoking cigarettes. These risks include lung cancer, [...]

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A Healthy Dog (owner) is a Happy Dog (owner)

By Léo Azambuja My best friend Nina and I at my house. First of all, don’t try this at home. Try this outside of your home. Every day. Your best friend will appreciate it, and your body will also thank you. I’m talking about walking your dog. Or dogs, if you have three [...]

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