Kaua‘i — Gateway for Reiki Healing

By Shalandra Abbey Yes, from the little healing island of Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i the healing art of reiki has spread to the rest of the Western World. And it all started from Hawayo Takata, who was born in the sugarcane camp in Hanama‘ulu, Kaua‘i in December 1900. She was tiny and had a hard life growing [...]

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GIRR — Kaua‘i’s Roller Derby Team

By Anni Caporuscio Lined up for a hitting drill are Chilly Pepper, Carrie Prankster, Michelle O. Bomber, Laurengitis, Maelstrom, Hawaiian Punch and The Carnie. Derby is a magical combination of toughness and witticism that brings a team together. That’s right, roller derby is alive and rolling on Kaua‘i. Two years ago, for Christmas, [...]

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Get Fit Having Fun — Outrigger Canoe Season is On

By Luke Evslin Luke Evslin is seen here paddling his one-man outrigger canoe at Wailua River. Most Kaua‘i residents only get to experience a tiny fraction of our island home. All of us live within three miles of the ocean — yet, we spend more time sitting in traffic than we do in [...]

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Safe Routes to School Matter

By Bev Brody A crosswalk sign is seen here by Kapa‘a High and Elementary schools. Many communities on Kaua‘i struggle with traffic, environments damaged by vehicle emissions and children becoming inactive and overweight. At first, the answer to these concerns seems to come from separate sources, but the Safe Routes to School program can address [...]

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10 Easy Nutrition Tips for Your Fittest Body Ever

By Samantha Fox Olson Samantha Fox Olson What if 2016 could really be the year you nail it? What if this is the year you learn how to get the maximum results for the minimum amount of effort? What if 2016 could be the year you finally stop the madness of exploding out [...]

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10 Simple Tips to Stay Fit and Energized

By Samantha Fox Olson Samantha Fox Olson The simple tips I will be sharing will change your life for the better. But you know what they say, “Easy to do, easy not to do.” So chances are, you know the importance of these tips, but are not following through. Fitness is a lifestyle. [...]

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Are You in the Right Fitness Program?

By Samantha Fox Olson Do you ever wonder if you are in the right fitness or wellness program for you? I mean really, there are countless of disciplines, classes, coaches, programs and protocols to follow out there. So much that it can actually make your head spin. But it can be broken down very simply. [...]

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Pointing the Blame

By Samantha Fox Olson Samantha Fox Olson in Hanalei. A recent epiphany brought me to today’s article. I am going to cut to the chase in hopes to offer you an ah-ha moment for yourself too. Back in 1992, I received a partial gymnastics scholarship to San Jose State University. I worked hard [...]

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CrossFit Po‘ipu Founder Becomes Positive Role Model

By Caroline Farley CrossFit Po‘ipu owners Jamie Pacheco, shirtless, and Aaron Hoff, wearing black in the back, are seen here with staff and members. From the depths of addiction, Aaron Hoff turned his life around and developed a viable business model geared toward helping substance abusers to find purpose and strength to live [...]

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A Simple Next Level Wellness — Hydration

By Samantha Fox Olson Samantha Fox Olson What if I shared with you just one action step that could positively influence your energy levels, joint and muscle pain and athletic performance, as well as help you lose weight? Would you apply it? And what if I told you this one little detail was [...]

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