When Your Body Abandons You

By Samantha Fox Olson

Having the privilege of serving as a health coach to people all around the globe, I have heard a common belief disconnecting people from their amazing bodies.

This belief wrecks havoc in our bodies’ miraculous ability to teach us and guide us to greater freedom and well being. It keeps many people trapped […]

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Create Effortless Momentum, Faith in Your Fitness Success

By Samantha Fox Olson

I train women all over the globe, giving them the exact strategy they uniquely require to reach their personal fitness goals.

And although my clients range in greatly in their ages, current skill level, body types and personal goals, I still ask every client the exact same question at the beginning of each […]

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Does Your Coach Have a Coach?

By Samantha Fox Olson

Think of a time when you were really kicking ass and taking names in any particular area of your life. Consider how much you were learning at that time. Feel into the energy of transformation and growth at that time. Exciting, right? There is ease there. There is motivation there. Inspiration is […]

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The Posture of a Champion

By Samantha Fox Olson

I was recently approached by Dr. Cheri Toledo of Illinois who said, “I love your work with mindset and would like to interview you for my upcoming telesummit, Power Up Your Mindset: How thinking like a champion will help you achieve your goals and equip you to live a wildly successful life!”

Having […]

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Glow with Greater Vitality and Energy

By Samantha Fox Olson

Life force is an energy that runs through all things. Here in Hawai‘i, we call this “mana.” In the yoga world, the term is “prana.” This supernatural gift of vibrancy and power keeps us youthful, optimistic and attractive in many ways.

There are many ways to activate greater vitality and energy. Let me […]

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Live a Life Free of Fear

By Samantha Fox Olson

The mind is such a wild contribution to our lives. Depending on which way we direct the mind, or which way the mind directs us, it determines how fully we will experience life living in this amazing body.

Our mind has the capacity to hold us back from living full out, and we […]

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How To Reach Your Fitness Goals

By Samantha Fox Olson

OK, it’s February and chances are you have fallen short of continuing forth in your New Year’s resolution with the same enthusiasm and drive you had the first two weeks of January.

Statistically, more people are making New Year’s resolutions about weight loss and fitness goals than anything else. And guess what, by […]

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Connecting to Nature with the Breath of Aloha

By Samantha Fox Olson

The meaning of “aloha” runs deep. It is a word that we hear and use daily on the Hawaiian Islands. It is used as a greeting of “hello” and as an expression of love.

The meaning of aloha that inspired a breathing meditation I love sharing with in my yoga and fitness classes […]

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4 Tips for Rocking Everlasting Energy

By Samantha Fox Olson

This past October, I went to an amazing and life-empowering seminar with more than 6,000 people attending from 70 different countries. The vibes were sky high and the content was life changing!

During this four-day seminar I can’t tell you how many people told me they loved my energy. Some said I had […]

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Change Your Thoughts to Get Fit

By Samantha Fox Olson

Caution: Content in this article will transform your body.

The other day I was making some lame excuse as to why I wasn’t getting what I wanted, when I wanted it. Thankfully, a friend called me out. I was scared to change.

Empowering! Why? Because this is the first step out of mediocre and […]

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