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On Poi and Rice

By Anni Caporuscio Poi pounding the traditional way. The 7th Annual Hawai‘i Food and Wine Festival is a charitable culinary event taking place over three weekends on three islands from Oct. 20 – Nov. 5. Participants will embark on a grand tour of the agricultural and culinary uniqueness that is food in Hawai‘i, [...]

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Kaua‘i Family Café — Best Filipino Food on the Island

By Léo Azambuja From left to right, aunty, daughter and mother, Gina Avella, Stephanie Aladin and Eden Aladin. If you are looking for bona-fide, honest Filipino food on the island, Kaua‘i Family Café is the place. Check out Yelp, Trip Advisor and Menupix. Based solely on customer reviews, each of these sites lists [...]

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Imua Coffee Roasters

By Anni Caporuscio A good shot of espresso should have three layers, including the crema on top, and the ensuing body. It should also have layers of flavor, spanning from sweetness to earthy, all in the same two ounces. Making coffee is culinary art, combining gadgetry, flavors and smells, and beauty. All while waking [...]

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Palate Wine Bar and Restaurant

By Anni Caporuscio Order the Palate Sampler with a friend or two. It has exotic cheeses, fruits, meats, olives, compotes, mustards and everything else,; all set up like a statuesque piece of edible art. Do it for the colors and the different flavors. I spent my time with this platter mixing cheese, mustard and [...]

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Anuenue Café — Eat with Aloha

By Anni Caporuscio This is an off-menu item called The Keanu Reeves, which is two different Eggs Benedicts on the same plate. I had the Riptide: a Kalua pork Benedict, and I think it’s my first time. It’s a great Kauai twist on a traditional favorite. The salty pork pairs really well with creamy [...]

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Bobby V’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

By Anni Caporuscio Here is Jake’s Pizza, named for the Valenti’s son. It’s for the meat lover in the family and boasts a crispy crust and savory sauce. The new Bobby V’s kitchen has two pizza ovens to double up the pizza production. They deliver to the resorts in the area, or if on [...]

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Tip Top Café, 100 Years of Food and History

By Anni Caporuscio Kaua‘i restaurateurs are unintended purveyors of island history. Whether they make it a theme of the place itself, or they want to pay homage to a location’s tradition, or the clientele can’t keep from telling stories in the cafe, a long-time restaurant will take part in spreading Kaua‘i lore. In the case [...]

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Kenji Burger, Kauai’s Newest Hotspot

By Léo Azambuja The staff at Kenji Burger is friendly, fast and efficient. Restaurant owner Erik Tanigawa is fourth from left. Every once in a blue moon, I come across a recently opened restaurant that got it just right from day one. Everything seems spot-on; the service, the ambiance, the prices, and more [...]

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