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Island Activities – June 2017

Halli Holmgren and Licorice in Hanalei Bay, Kaua‘i's North Shore. Kayaking in Hanalei during the summer is mostly safe due to calm seas on the North Shore. But still, Licorice could teach a thing or two to his mama, Halli Holmgren, regarding safety: Always wear your personal flotation device. Photo by Léo Azambuja

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Island Activities — February 2017

Opaeka‘a Falls Opaeka‘a Falls is a mandatory stop at the lookout at Kuamo‘o Road in Wailua Homesteads, especially after heavy rains. Here, the falls are seen from a unique angle. Photo by Margarette Johannes At the end of Loop Road, a series of waterfalls are perfect for cooling-off during the hot summer months. [...]

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Island Activities — August 2016

The Awa‘awapuhi Trail in Koke‘e is 3.2 miles long, mostly downhill, leading to a breathtaking lookout. Look closely in the middle of this photo and you will notice a narrow path (posted as off-limits to hikers) about a hundred feet long and a few inches wide, with daunting drop-offs of hundreds of feet on both [...]

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Island Activities — July 2016

Kong Lung Center in Kilauea At Kong Lung Center in Kilauea, Kalaheo resident Margarette Johannes shares a goofy moment. She said she loves to go to the nearby Pau Hana Bakery, which she credits with some of the best coffee, pizza, bagels and baked goodies on the island. Ke‘e Beach in Ha‘ena can [...]

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Island Activities — June 2016

Hanalei Lookout Hanalei Lookout, just past Princeville Shopping Center on Kaua‘i’s North Shore, is a place where visitors — and locals — often pull over to enjoy the view of the famous and gorgeous Hanalei taro patches. The sunrise at Kealia Beach on Kaua‘i’s Eastside can be quite a beautiful experience. If the [...]

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Island Activities — May 2016

The Hikianalia. Photo by Aliana Ho The Hikianalia sailing canoe hosted a group of children learning how to sail in April. Aliana Ho brought along her SLR camera and took the opportunity to shoot video footage and snap a few pictures of her friends during this unforgettable trip in this one-of-a-kind canoe owned [...]

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Island Activities — April 2016

Swimming with dolphins was probably the last thing in Kaitie Issler’s and Wayne McIntoshʻs minds when they arrived at an Eastside beach to go surfing early March. It was early in the morning, and because of the lack of wind, the small waves were inviting. But when they saw a pod of dolphins beyond the [...]

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Island Activities — February 2016

Hanalei Pier A misty rain in Hanalei painted a palette of pastel tones on this living canvas. Meanwhile, despite the rain, beachgoers and surfers were determined to enjoy the afternoon in one of Kaua‘i’s most famous and beautiful beaches. After all, here on Kaua‘i, we’re used to being wet, under or above the [...]

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Island Activities — January 2016

Dragon Fruit Lilikoi Cheesecake at Java Kai in Kapa‘a. Does a Dragon Fruit Lilikoi Cheesecake, served at Java Kai in Old Kapa‘a Town, need any more explanation? The Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse, built in 1913, is an icon of Kilauea Town on Kaua‘i’s North Shore. Located in the Kilauea Point Wildlife [...]

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Island Activities — October 2015

Kauai Juice Co. Kaua‘i Juice Co., in Kilauea and Kapa‘a, has the most incredible fruit beverages on the island. Kaua‘i Juice Co. offers a wide variety of cold pressed, glass-bottled, organic, locally-sourced juices made daily on Kaua‘i. Stop by one of the two locations to enjoy a boost of health. Juices include pineapple [...]

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