Pueo, Messenger of Gods or Endangered Native Owl?

By Virginia Beck A Pueo, or short-eared owl, in Kahana, Maui. Photo by Kim Starr Is the pueo a messenger of gods or an endangered native Hawaiian owl? Maybe it is both. In the island kingdoms of ancient Britain, one said, “when the iron came to the land,” to refer to a time [...]

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Aloha — the Gift of Native Hawaiians.

Aloha at Hanalei Bay By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i is home to many unique communities; one of which is the native Hawaiian people. Many of us are unaware of how special and rare this culture and community is. Visitors come for the relaxation, weather, the beaches, spectacular scenery and fragrant flowers. Visitors come for [...]

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They Followed the Starry Nights

By Virginia Beck A starry night illuminates Kalalau Stream in this long-exposure picture taken by @molokaitodd in June. The ancient Polynesian navigators used a highly trained awareness of the natural world to chart their way to these islands. They lived by the planetary clock, the planets, the tides, the currents, the seasons. Such [...]

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Aloha Rules the ‘Ohana

By Virginia Beck Hanai sisters Tiallah Mortell and Halli Holmgren are best friends who are often mistaken as blood sisters. They don’t mind; they know they are each others' ‘ohana. A jewel of the Pacific, Kaua‘i is also the peak of a huge mountain. Rising some 17,000 feet from the sea floor, Kaua‘i [...]

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Kaua‘i, Deeply Healthy

By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i's Schiedea lychnoides. Photo by Ken Wood/NTBG Something magical happens on arrival at Lihu‘e Airport. The sweet gentle air of Kaua‘i enfolds you in a fragrant hug that lets you know you are truly here. The soft air, the relaxed fit of island clothes and beach slippers tell you it [...]

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Small Is Beautiful — the Kaua‘i Way

By Virginia Beck When the world is turmoil and the news is toxic overload, guaranteed to destroy your mood, there is always the small, beautiful world of Kaua‘i. A sanctuary from the hurly burly of world culture, the Internet, and all the trappings of insanity. Kaua‘i brings you back to earth, the ‘aina, the reality [...]

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Kaua‘i, the Surprise Gifts

By Virginia Beck Kaua‘i's Coconut Coast Kaua‘i is always a gift. Every day, it shares its magic in a different way. Some new surprise, amazing, remarkable, beautiful or pleasing. It is a funny place, our little island community. For those who come from large urban areas, with streets laid out like a checkerboard, [...]

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Planning to Win

By Virginia Beck Starting a new year means new projects — after we finish up the old ones! Of course if we have a new project we want to succeed. Kaua‘i has a lot to teach us about success. This enduring jewel of the Pacific is resilient, alive and fragile. Nature started working this project [...]

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Eat Good, Eat Local, Feel Great

By Virginia Beck The farmers market in front of the Historic County Building in Lihu‘e. The autumn brings the wheel of stars around to the shorter days and longer nights, and on Kaua‘i it means the time of festivals, craft fairs, and music. The holidays approach, and finding just the right gifts can [...]

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A Virtual Eden of Flowers

By Virginia Beck A paradise of trees, a virtual Eden of flowers and rare plants, contributed by the winds and waves, followed by those who came by canoe, or ship, or airline. Kaua‘i is a mixed plate, as we call our local lunches. Mixtures of plants, cultures and races, all brought here seeking one thing; [...]

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