Mind and the Motorcycle

//Mind and the Motorcycle

Going Home Again

Kapa‘a multi-use path at sunset. Photo by Léo Azambuja By Larry Feinstein I was squeezed into seat 30H on a flight from Newark to Honolulu, followed by a several-hour layover and then onto my life on Kaua‘i. About a week before, I traveled in the opposite direction to visit my sons, my daughter-in-law [...]

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Rain Man Lives

By Larry Feinstein If what I am about to tell you is not true, I will smack myself really hard on either of my temples, depending upon which hand is free. We can really expose our stuff when the right things go off the rails, causing us to lose our footing. When we are cruising, [...]

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Disinformation: Inventing Convenient Truths

By Larry Feinstein Graffiti on a wall in San Antonio, Texas. Photo courtesy of Stella Cooks/Conspicuous Blankness When do you think the first lie was insinuated from one, hairy upright person to another? I told a classic lie when I was around 12 years old. My mother found a pack of Marlboro in [...]

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The Dance With Time

By Larry Feinstein Kaua‘i’s North Shore, seen from Kilohana Lookout in Koke‘e. This has to do with a language, sometimes spoken between mind and body, and we are often the last to find out, especially when we don’t pay attention. Last summer, I took a hike fairly high up in Koke‘e. After my [...]

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The Ride Plus One

By Larry Feinstein “I have chosen to go miles out of my comfort zone, habit monger that I am, and take Frost’s less traveled road. Every day will be completely different than the day before. Accepting the uncertainty of each moment will provide one lesson after the other.” Sept. 16, 2015 This is a long [...]

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Hey, Charlie Darwin

By Larry Feinstein Photograph of Charles Darwin in 1867 by Julia Margaret Cameron. “Whilst Man, however well-behaved, at best is but a monkey shaved!” ― Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species Where is Charles Darwin when you need him? Well, he is in my head, where has been stuck now for a [...]

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House of Words

By Larry Feinstein “Now is the time to examine the mindset of our present generation and to reflect on the way of life that it may bring about in the future”— Dalai Lama We are defined by the words we use and as simple as it sounds, it can get pretty complicated, especially considering how [...]

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Pax Terra

“Fair peace becomes men; ferocious anger belongs to beasts” — Ovid, Roman poet, 43 BC-17 AD Recently, I took my kayak whale hunting. I know I’ve written about my motorcycle experiences pretty regularly. The ocean is a blank canvas for my internal dialogue, in much the same way as cruising on a perfect day. I [...]

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A Motorcycle Moment

By Larry Feinstein Shane Feinstein I had been laboring over a letter to my grandson, Shane, who turned seven Dec. 13. I am flying to see my family in Hoboken, New Jersey this month and I thought it would be interesting to use the letter format for my column. I relaxed, confident this [...]

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