James Norman — The Quake

James Norman. front man/lead vocals, The Quake, performs in the 2011 Kaua`i Sings! program featuring New York City Photo by Anne E. O'Malley PROFILE: James Norman,  The Quake by Anne E. O’Malley James Norman is all over that stage, those early influences of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and [...]

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Phyllis Kunimura — Anti-bullying from the Bottom Up

  Phyllis Kunimura. Photo by Anne E. O'Malley Imagine a universe without bullying. Phyllis Kunimura is helping to create it. Kunimura founded and runs Kaua`i Independent Daycare Services, Inc. (K.I.D.S.), a pre-school in operation since 1989, that gets keiki ready for kindergarten. A former public school classroom teacher and author of Beyond the [...]

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Keao NeSmith — Preserving Traditional Hawaiian Language

Keao NeSmith, on the 2012 teaching staff of Koke`e Hawaiian Music Songwriters Camp. Photo by Anne E. O'Malley  Keao NeSmith Preserving Traditional Hawaiian Language by Anne E. O’Malley According to Kaua‘i-born Hawaiian, Scottish and Welsh Renaissance man, Keao NeSmith, there’s a demand for learning the traditional-Hawaiian language: the language spoken by native-speakers. A [...]

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Profile in Leadership: John Medeiros

John Medeiros, a Ho`okanaka Award Winner. Photo by Anne E. O'Malley Profile in Leadership Q&A with John Medeiros John Medeiros, 18, is on track for a lifetime of community service and leadership. He has a record as a super achiever — member, National Honor Society; graduate, Class of 2012 Waimea High School; graduate, [...]

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I Do! — and I Still Do!

Joshua and Pua Rossi-Fukino. Pono. He says, "I do" every day. Studio, photography by Ralph Nishimoto Q&A with Pua and Joshua Puali`ili`imaikalani Rossi-Fukino and Joshua Fukino met in 2001 and married in March 2009. This is their love story, told in Q&A.   For Kaua`i: What attracted you to each other? PUA:              [...]

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