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Hawai‘i Wisdom — June

ʻUnu mai a hoʻonuʻanuʻa ke kilu o Kalamaʻula, hoʻoleʻaleʻa i ke kaha o Kaunalewa. “Bring all the kilu for amusement a Kalamaʻula to make merry on the field of Kaunalewa.” To come together for a gay time and bring whatever you have to add to the fun. There is a play on lewa, which refers [...]

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How High or Low Can the Oceans Go?

By Jan TenBruggencate Hanalei Bay We think of sea level changes in inches over periods of decades, but over longer time spans, the evidence is for far more dramatic rises and falls. How dramatic? Hundreds of feet different. Whole Hawaiian valley floors today were once underwater when oceans were higher. And some shallow [...]

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Liquid Sunshine Restores the ‘Aina

By Virginia Beck ‘Ohi‘a lehua trees with Kalalau Valley on the background. “I mohala no ka lehua i ke ke‘ekehi ‘ia e ka ua.” “The lehua blossom unfolds when the rains tread on it.” — ‘Olēlo No’eau, Mary Kawena Pukui The heavy rains of the past weeks are finally bringing relief to the [...]

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Tropic Care Is Back — Free Medical, Dental, Optometric Services

By Tommy Noyes Optometrist Maj. Tina Burr was deployed in Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2014, and assisted with free eye exams. This year from June 20 to 29, Tropic Care Kaua‘i 2016 will provide dental, medical, and optometric services including sports physicals, optometry exams, eyeglass production, adult health exams, tooth extractions, dental exams, and minor [...]

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Coffee Has a New Healthy Reputation

By Jane Riley Charlotte Belliard makes a healthy and punchy espresso at Small Town Coffee in Kapa‘a, Kaua‘i’s Eastside. Coffee is most likely the most studied beverage on the planet. Because of that, there has been a lot of complex and sometimes confusing information about coffee and its impact on health. Early observational [...]

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Blenda Montoro Photography — Love Captured in Real Film

By Isis Ava Wilkinson Blenda Montoro uses real film in her wedding photography business. Contributed photo Somewhere in Lima, Peru’s capital, a small photo album is placed on the lap of an 8-year-old girl. As she turns the pages, she notices the smiles and the stories that unfold with each page. Peruvian scenery [...]

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Ain’t That Great Music!

Kaua‘i Voices It’s all about “ain’t” when Kaua‘i Voices, the island’s popular choral ensemble, presents Ain’t That Great Music!, its 11th season concerts on June 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. and on June 19 at 3 p.m. at St. Michael’s Church in Līhu‘e. “The entire show is comprised of music using the [...]

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Animal Chat — Trotting Piggy

By Pam Brown We humans usually assume animals understand the same things we do. But, as I am often reminded when communicating with animals, they rarely think like us. When my friends, Sid and Francie, moved into their new home, they brought with them their many planter pots of fresh zucchini, eggplant and lettuce, and [...]

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Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud

By Léo Azambuja My friend Noe inspiring double rainbows in Lihu‘e. We never see rainbows in clear sunny days; that’s not when we need them. They only show up when it’s cloudy, lifting our spirits. And who doesn’t smile at the sight of a rainbow? “When it looked like the sun wouldn’t shine [...]

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Assembling the Community of Tahiti

Urahutia at the Poipu Sheraton ‘Auli‘i Lu‘au. Urahutia Productions. Photo courtesy of Roxanne McCann In Tahitian, the word heiva (hei meaning to assemble, and va meaning community places) refers to activities, pastimes, physical exercise and festivals. In ancient times, music, dancing, singing and sports were essential components of religious and political ceremonies. Dance [...]

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