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New Gene Catalog of Ocean Microbiome Reveals Surprises

A buoy at Station ALOHA north of Oʻahu, with UH Mānoa vessel, Kilo Moana. Photo courtesy of Paul Lethaby/UH Microbes dominate the planet, especially the ocean, and help support the entire marine food web. In a recent report published in Nature Microbiology, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa oceanography professor Ed DeLong and his [...]

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Total Solar Eclipse Illuminated by UH Astronomers (w/ video)

Video grab courtesy of UH During 2017’s total solar eclipse, the first to cross North America since 1918, Hawaiʻi will be well represented by Institute for Astronomy astronomer Shadia Rifai Habbal and other University of Hawaiʻi scientists. When the moon completely blocks the sun, Habbal’s team of international scientists will collect data as [...]

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UH Distance Learning Course Offers Opportunity to Represent Hawaiʻi at UN

The fall course “Sustainable Development in Oceania” will be taught at UH Mānoa with a distance learning option, and will focus on people most impacted living in Pacific Islands. Photo courtesy by UH University of Hawaiʻi students interested in sustainability and world politics can apply to participate in a series of courses with [...]

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UH Expands Vaccine Research Through $112K Grant to Minority Students

Liana Medina The University of Hawaiʻi is expanding its studies of a proposed vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus. A new grant of nearly $112,000 awarded to Liana Medina, a PhD candidate working with Assistant Professor Axel Lehrer at the John A. Burns School of Medicine makes the additional work possible, according to [...]

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Hawaiʻi Nearshore Fishery Provides Big Benefits

A school of manini. Photo courtesy of UH/Jhana Young The monetary, social and cultural importance of Hawaiʻi nearshore fisheries has been examined by researchers in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. The study argues that fully appreciating the multitude of benefits the nearshore fishery provides to society is a crucial step [...]

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UH College Students Succesfully Launch Payload from NASA Facility

Community College mentor William Smith, right, and students Nick Herrmann, of Kaua‘i Community College, center, and Cale Mechler, of Windward Community College, left, were at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia in final preparations to launch a payload. The Project Imua payload was successfully launched from a NASA facility by University of Hawaiʻi [...]

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Hawai‘i Wisdom — August 2017

Team Booty at the Kaua‘i Escape Room, left to right, Bianca Soares, Léo Azambuja, Halli Holmgren, Rebekah Magers, Todd Yamashita, Ruby Pap and Alex Wong. Kuaīlo! An expression used by one who cannot guess the answer to a riddle, meaning, “I give up!” If the riddler doesn’t want to tell the answer, he [...]

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UH Genomic Data Helps Study on Global Changes Impacts to Life

Rapture Reef in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands shows high biodiversity. Photo courtesy of UH/James Watt A new publicly available database will catalog metadata associated with biologic samples, making it easier for researchers to share and reuse genetic data for environmental and ecological analyses, as reported by the University of Hawai‘i. The resource, called [...]

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UH Study: High-Quality Diet Can Reduce Internal Body Fat

A long-term healthy, high-quality diet can reduce the risk of cardiometabolic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke according to a new University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center multiethnic cohort study. A high-quality diet includes a diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, with lean, low-fat protein sources plus, fat-free or low-fat dairy [...]

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UH Community College Students to Launch Payload from NASA Facility

UH Community College students Nicholas Hermann and Cale Mechler. University of Hawaiʻi community college students are getting ready to launch their third payload from a NASA facility. The launch from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia is scheduled for a window between 5:30 and 9:30 a.m. EDT on Saturday, Aug. 12. Live coverage of [...]

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