Whether Visiting or Living on Kaua‘i, Be Tsunami Aware

By Ruby Pap

I’ll be honest with you; up until 10 years ago I didn’t know hardly anything about tsunamis. “Tidal waves,” as I called them, were mostly the stuff of storybooks and legends. I didn’t […]

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Earth Day in Lydgate Park 2015

By Tommy Noyes

Leading more than 130 willing volunteers through a community workday to celebrate Earth Day on April 18 was a lot like fighting a forest fire.

Both the Earth Day in Lydgate Park 2015 (“ED-15”) […]

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Kaua‘i’s Shigemoto Honored Among Outstanding UH Alumni (w/ video)


The University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association honored last week five distinguished graduates — including Kaua‘i’s Tom Shigemoto — who have used their education to excel professionally and provide service for the benefit of UH and […]

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Laysan Ducks Translocation to Kure is a Success, 19 Ducklings Spotted (w/ video)

The translocation of endangered Laysan ducks (Anas laysanensis) to the remote Kure Atoll State Wildlife Sanctuary in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument appears to be a success, according to a news release from the state Department […]

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‘Aloha Angels’ Raises $226K for Education, Aims for $1M Annual Goal

“Philanthropists Partnering for a More Perfect Kaua‘i” is the tagline of Aloha Angels. This breathtakingly bold, new and already successful group was established primarily to raise private funds for each of the 10,000 students and […]

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Morikawa, Habitat for Humanity, Lowe’s Team up for Affordable Housing on the Westside

More than 30 volunteers, including state Rep. Dee Morikawa, joined Kaua‘i Habitat for Humanity on Saturday to help build affordable housing in recognition of National Women Build Week, May 2-10.

Volunteers built walls at the Kaua‘i […]

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I Am Extraordinary

By Larry Feinstein

Well, it looks like the title gives away a long held secret of mine. However, it is not what you think and has everything to do with its opposite, the state of being […]

Hawai‘i Wisdom — May 2015

There is an old Hawaiian story about a young woman who caught too much fish on the Westside of Kaua‘i and wasn’t able to give it all away.

Without knowing what to do with so much […]

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