DLNR Launches New App for Anonymous Tips on Violations

Visitors are seen here approaching and touching a green sea turtle on the North Shore of O‘ahu on this undated photo. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources urges the public not to touch, pick up, restrain, jump over, straddle, pursue, ride, harass, harm or otherwise disturb Hawaiian sea tutles resting on beaches. [...]

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Aloha ‘Oe ‘A‘o — School Children Release Rescued Shearwaters

Island School teacher Rebecca Snowden and Tracy Anderson of SOS release a Newell's Shearwater. Photo courtesy of KESRP School children from Island School helped to release five fledgling ‘A‘o (Newell’s Shearwaters) and one Leach’s Storm-petrel this week as part of the annual E Ho‘opomaika‘i ‘ia na Manu ‘A‘o (A Cultural Release of the [...]

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Napali Coast — DLNR Efforts Showing Improvements

A sunset at Kalalau Beach last August. Napali Coast — DLNR Efforts Showing Improvements The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is saying renewed emphasis — and increased enforcement of camping permits — on the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park this year is already showing improvements. In a recent news release, officials [...]

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Kaua‘i’s Conservation Efforts Continue to Shine

By Ruby Pap Kupu Conservation Intern Susan Deans is seen here in Hanakāpī‘ai Valley, Nāpali Coast. Photo by Seana Walsh/NTBG This month, the world’s largest environmental and nature conservation event is being held in Honolulu. The selection of Hawai‘i as host for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress [...]

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Koke‘e Rainbow Trout Season Starts June 18

Rainbow trout fishing in the Koke‘e Public Fishing Area. Photo courtesy DLNR The state Department of Land and Natural Resources just announced this year’s open fishing season for rainbow trout in the Koke‘e Public Fishing Area begins June 18. Anglers may fish daily from Saturday, June 18, to Friday, Sept. 30. Fishing hours will be [...]

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Miyagi Takes Daini Home to Japan (w/ video)

The Miyagi Maru is seen here at Pier 31 on O‘ahu, ready to take Daini Katsu Maru home. Photo courtesy DLNR The year was 1984. Japanese martial artist Mr. Miyagi took young Danny under his wing and trained him to become a martial artist. Now, 32 years after Hollywood blockbuster The Karate Kid [...]

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New Coral Nursery Safeguards Hawai‘i’s Reefs (w/ video)

Coral nursery technicians Chelsea Wolke and Stephen Ranson are seen here are the new DLNR Coral Restoration Nursery. Courtesy DLNR The state Department of Land and Natural Resources has found an effective way to safeguard Hawai‘i’s native, slow-growing coral reefs — a nursery away from the ocean. In one corner of the Anuenue Fisheries Research [...]

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DLNR: 20,000 Koa Seedlings Being Planted Over 50 Acres in Koke‘e (w/ video)

An excavator is seen here in Kokee preparing the ground for koa seedlings. Video grab DLNR For the last few weeks, a large excavator has been digging hole after hole on the steep slopes of state forest reserves in the Koke‘e area of Kaua‘i. Some 3,000 acres of land were scorched during a series of wildfires [...]

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Kalalau Beach: DLNR Arrests Jet-Ski Operator, Cites 70 Illegal Campers, Airlifts Tons of Trash (w/ video)

DLNR officers go through an illegal campsite in Kalalau. Video grab DLNR Combined law enforcement and clean-up operations at Kalalau Beach in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park on Kaua‘i over the past month, have resulted in dozens of citations, an arrest and the airlifting of tons of accumulated rubbish from the area, [...]

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Public Talk on Nēnē’s Recovery in Hanalei Thursday

Two nēnē are seen here at Kapa‘a New Town Park with the Sleeping Giant mountain on the background. The Kaua‘i Nēnē Habitat Conservation Plan will hold the first in a series of public talks this week on the state bird of Hawai‘i, the endangered Nēnē. Project Coordinator Dr. Christian Vlautin will provide information [...]

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