UH Identifies Planets with Highest Likelihood of Harboring Life

The Habitable Zones around stars with different surface temperatures. The figure also shows an artist’s rendering of the planetary candidates and confirmed Kepler planets that are smaller than twice the size of Earth. For comparison, Venus, Earth, and Mars are also shown. Image courtesy of UH A team of astronomers known as the [...]

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Creation: Aloha is Just the Beginning

By Virginia Beck Hanalei taro fields. Photo by Léo Azambuja In the beginning there was the void. Then, the day and the night. Then, the land and the sea. Whether it is the Kumulipo (a Hawaiian creation chant) or the Bible or other sacred story, there is always the creation story. Somewhere, around [...]

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Evidence for Mixing and Layering of Earth’s Interior Clarifies Debate

Some slabs sink deep into the mantle, others stall at about 1,000 km depth. This behavior can be explained by moderate mantle layering with an accumulation of basalt (blue squiggles) in the lower mantle. Basalt was originally been subducted into the mantle as oceanic crust, and is recycled by plumes that feed volcanoes beneath [...]

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