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Kaua‘i Community Cat Project: 2016 Our Best Year Yet

A note from Barbara Bennett, Owner and Publisher of For Kaua‘i: The following is a letter in response from my editorial column last month, titled “What Are We Going to Do with Kaua‘i’s Feral Cats?” By Basil Scott, KCCP President In November, Halli Holmgren hiked 11 miles to Kalalau with a pet carrier (provided [...]

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New Year’s Resolution — Harmony

By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher Horses, wild boars, chickens and mynah birds come together at lunch time on a Kilauea property. Three words beginning with the letter H help to support our thoughts while living on Kaua‘i; harmony, happy and heavenly. Of course, there are a lot of other H [...]

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