“Growing an Educational Garden at Your School”

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School Garden Network Flourishes

The family that gardens together...At St. Catherine's School garden, the Mendozas dig in. L-R: Mom Stacy; Jenely; Jasmyne, a 4th grader at the school; and Jacy,1st grader. Photo by Anne E. O'Malley School Garden Network Flourishes by Colleen Carroll Ed.D., director, Kaua`i School Garden Network On-campus gardens are on the rise as schools [...]

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School Gardens Network

Colleen Carroll. Courtesy photo School Gardens Network by Anne E. O’Malley Colleen Carroll has a vision. The director of the Kaua`i School Garden Network, organized under the auspices of the nonprofit organization Malama Kaua`i, can see herself in it. It goes like this. “When I walk or drive by our Kauai schools, I [...]

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