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Ecosystem Services


Ecosystem Services

by Jan TenBruggencate

The voyagers who first arrived in the Islands had no problems about food. The ecosystem gave it to them.

There’s a modern term for what they found here: Ecosystem services—the good stuff that a healthy environment provides.

They found fat flightless birds wandering in the undergrowth, clear fresh streams and springs, lobsters crawling on […]

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Sound Impacts Taste


by Jan TenBruggencate

Does fish and poi taste different to the sounds of “Hi`ilawe” than it does to the sound of car traffic, or perhaps Janis Joplin’s “Summertime?”

There is evidence that it does.

Sound impacts taste. Not only whether you like it, but how it tastes, and how long you’ll linger over it.

The evidence is that it’s […]

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Lost Birds — Nurturing Lessons from Failures


Nurturing Lessons from Failures

by Jan TenBruggencate

 Much of the environmental nurturing we’re doing in the Islands is the direct result of our earlier environmental failures—whether conscious failures or not.

Take birds.

We’ve lost many of the Hawaiian archipelago’s native birds due to such imports as avian malaria. Malaria only spreads through mosquitoes, and humans certainly didn’t purposefully import […]

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Growing Vanilla

by Jan TenBruggencate

Kaua`i’s vanilla crop is one of the island’s best-kept secrets, although it’s still a very small secret, because vanilla is nowhere near being an industry on the island.

We are not a player in the global vanilla market, as Madagascar, Tahiti, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, India and parts of Africa are.

But an […]

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Celebrate Diversity

by Jan TenBruggencate

There was a bumper sticker on the wall at my canoe club.

It said (and I’m cleaning this up), “We don’t give a hoot how you used to do it in California.”

The bumper sticker generated a smile on the face of every long-time resident who saw it.

It is one of the curses of living […]

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