The Beauty of Summer

By Virginia Beck

Summer is in full swing. Night rains and day blossoms; and a south swell of magnificent power and force arrives. We love its thunderous crashing on the beach and the foamy shore break, but we respect the strength of the entire Pacific Ocean flung at our tiny island.

We don’t want to lose anyone; […]

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Lawa‘i Mushroom Farm Keeps Expanding

By Caroline Farley

After more than two decades of a close relationship with gourmet mushrooms, a Lawa‘i resident and former restaurant chef turned a unique hobby into a business that just keeps mushrooming.

“I realized I needed to fulfill my passion and make a living out of what I love,” said Keith Silva, owner of Lawa‘i Valley […]

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Car Chase Ends with Man Arrested at Kitchens Beach

A car chase on Election Day ended with an arrest at Kitchens, a popular surf spot behind Wailua Golf Course.

At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, a small grey-colored pickup truck with an extended cab plowed into the sand just past Kamalani Bridge. A Kaua‘i Police Department patrol car following closely behind stopped a few feet from […]

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Hawai‘i Wisdom

A giant anuenue, or rainbow, is seen here last fall enveloping the Sleeping Giant in Wailua, Kaua‘i’s Eastside.

“Kau ka ‘ōnohi ali‘i i luna,” or the royal eyes rest above, is an ancient Hawaiian proverb which means the sight of a rainbow is a sign the gods are watching the chiefs.

“Kulia i ka nu‘u” is another ancient […]

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The Gift to the Friends of King Kaumualiʻi

By Stu Burley

The “Friends of King Kaumualiʻi” was formed in Waimea, Kauaʻi in 2004. The group had ideas about where it wanted to go, but those ideas were never materialized until about a year ago. It has now taken off in a flurry of events in and around Waimea.

One of their goals was to find […]

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Relationship War Games

By Joan Levy

It is hard to say “no” when we feel guilty, angry or afraid. So we automatically put up a defensive barrier closing our hearts, keeping our love inside. Our beloved feels uncared for or unloved.

We are biologically wired to defend ourselves when we perceive danger, but our perception is often mistaken. Example: You’re […]

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Locally Grown

By Jan TenBruggencate

Our island’s “Kauaʻi Made” program celebrates the value of things uniquely from the Garden Island, but for a view of how far this theme can go, turn to another Pacific Island — Tasmania.

You get the sense that the economic theory of this large island, just south of Australia, is “All Tasmania, all the […]

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Joel Guy Invites You to His Grass Shack

By Léo Azambuja

It all started as a hobby more than 10 years ago. But toying around with video and photography took a life of its own, and today, Joel Guy says he is the busiest guy he knows without a job.

“I couldn’t have written a better life,” said Guy, owner of Grass Shack Productions, based […]

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Resolutions and Neighborhoods

By Lois Ann Ell

It’s January, the time of year when we make resolutions. Statistically, decisions like losing 10 pounds or journaling every day fail by March. But what if your resolution is not a restricting, unrealistic one, but an intention to open up to something new? What if it is without expectation, but pointed in […]

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Editor’s Note: Running by Numbers

By Pam Woolway

A friend who annually runs the Kaua`i half marathon told me she doesn’t like to run.

“I like how my body looks and feels from running,” she said. “And I like that when I’ve finished, I never think, ‘Gee I wish I hadn’t done that.’”

With that small blessing I joined a half marathon 10-week […]

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