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Kamanu Composites — Lighter, Faster

By Ava Wilkinson Luke Evslin. Photo by Andy Bertagnoli A Pueo parliament is imminent. Parliament as in gathering, Pueo as in OC-1, or one-man outrigger canoe, crafted by Kamanu Composites. “The faster you go, the more fun paddling gets. So really, the aim of our clinics is simply to make people get the [...]

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Pu`uwai Outrigger Grabs a Title in New York

Pu`uwai Women Masters at 2012 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge post race Lu'au and Awards Ceremony. At left and right in blue are representatives of Hawaiian Airlines. Kaua`i paddlers front (l-r): Nancy Graf, Mary Pixler. Back (l-r): Cynthia Osborn, Margaret Steinhardt, Judy Byfield, Joanne Woltman. Photo © 2012 by Adam Stoltman; Credit: Jennifer Olsen [...]

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