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The Beauty of Summer

By Virginia Beck Summer is in full swing. Night rains and day blossoms; and a south swell of magnificent power and force arrives. We love its thunderous crashing on the beach and the foamy shore break, but we respect the strength of the entire Pacific Ocean flung at our tiny island. We don’t want to [...]

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Kalaheo Keiki Get Big Picture on Gardening

by Colleen Carroll Ed.D., director, Kaua`i School Garden Network For the past four years, Kalaheo third grade teachers Monique Gannon, Clyde Hashimoto, Bridget McCoy and AnnaLisa Riviera have made gardening fun for their combined 100 or so students, involving them in learning about local healthy food, soils, life cycles, diversity and farming. They’ve planted crops [...]

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School Garden Network Flourishes

The family that gardens together...At St. Catherine's School garden, the Mendozas dig in. L-R: Mom Stacy; Jenely; Jasmyne, a 4th grader at the school; and Jacy,1st grader. Photo by Anne E. O'Malley School Garden Network Flourishes by Colleen Carroll Ed.D., director, Kaua`i School Garden Network On-campus gardens are on the rise as schools [...]

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School Gardens Network

Colleen Carroll. Courtesy photo School Gardens Network by Anne E. O’Malley Colleen Carroll has a vision. The director of the Kaua`i School Garden Network, organized under the auspices of the nonprofit organization Malama Kaua`i, can see herself in it. It goes like this. “When I walk or drive by our Kauai schools, I [...]

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