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Editor’s Note: Running by Numbers

By Pam Woolway A friend who annually runs the Kaua`i half marathon told me she doesn’t like to run. “I like how my body looks and feels from running,” she said. “And I like that when I’ve finished, I never think, ‘Gee I wish I hadn’t done that.’” With that small blessing I joined a [...]

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Editor’s Note: Aloha Resurrected

 By Pam Woolway Easter Sunday I walked Kapa`a Coastal Path pushing my mom in her wheelchair with three dogs in tow: one hound afraid of the wheels, a terrier fiending after feral chickens and our newest addition to the pack, a timid 8 year-old Chihuahua mix, who I am pretty sure, still wonders how she [...]

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Editor’s Note: Homework by Pam Woolway

Word problem: How long does it take to move 125 pounds of 83 year-old, moving at approximately .0018 miles per hour, with an opposing wind speed of 10 knots, across a polished wood surface? If you’re in your mid-to-late 40s, or (ahem) 50, this is a question to ponder. Mom and I spend a lot [...]

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Editor’s note

By Pam Woolway Someone told me once that a good marriage is one in which you have the same fight for 40 years, and a bad marriage is a different fight every day. I have a good marriage. For 16 years my husband and I have fought over pets: their location, diet, population and treatment. [...]

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Kaua’i Humane Society: 80 Percent of Fostered Dogs are Adopted

Photos by Heather Ransley Peering out between cage bars, an animal’s face looks sad, even desperate. Fortunately the launch of a promising program at Kaua’i Humane Society presents shelter dogs in a whole new light; a light that more accurately captures their temperament and personality. Foster parents traipse the island showcasing canine ambassadors from the [...]

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Yum it up at First Saturday in Kapa`a Aug. 4

Pam Woolway’s choco-taco offering in the hands of a benevolent being. Photo by Pam Woolway On the first Saturday of each month, the streets of  Old Kapa`a Town jive from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mom and pop merchants along four or five blocks find strength in numbers as the Shoppes of Old [...]

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Piglets Adopt Plumber

Last week, two orphan piglets sought refuge at the Menehune Plumbing office. Wes daSilva and his boss wrapped them in blankets and brought them home, where daSilva's wife, Pam Woolway welcomed them in the interim. Says Woolway, who works at the Kaua`i Humane Society, "We are looking for homes for them. There is one [...]

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