Waimea, the Aloha Heartbeat of Kaua‘i

By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher With the sun about to set behind Ni‘ihau, the Forbidden Island, a paniolo, or Hawaiian cowboy, rides his horse and pulls another in Waimea, Kaua‘i’s Westside. Photo by Robert Kennedy Integrating and living in a community or place is always challenging, especially on Kaua‘i. The [...]

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Weekend Drawing Class with Paulette Purser Yields Portraits

L-R: Patricia Hanwright, Barbara McIntosh, Nola Conn, Arleene Sommer and Keren Gunderson draw from the right side of the brain, focusing on model Yannis Vassilopoulos. The group took the drawing class with visiting artist Paulette Purser. Weekend Drawing Class Yields Portraits by Paulette Purser Anyone can draw was the message Paulette Purser’s two-day [...]

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