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375 National Academy of Sciences Members: Don’t Abandon Paris Climate Agreement

Graphic image courtesy of cop21paris.org Hundreds of scientists — including noted physicist Stephen Hawking and biologist E.O. Wilson, and 30 Nobel Prize winners — are asking the United States to stick to the Paris Climate Agreement reached during the COP21 last December, according to a recent University of Hawai‘i release. Days after the [...]

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Evidence for Mixing and Layering of Earth’s Interior Clarifies Debate

Some slabs sink deep into the mantle, others stall at about 1,000 km depth. This behavior can be explained by moderate mantle layering with an accumulation of basalt (blue squiggles) in the lower mantle. Basalt was originally been subducted into the mantle as oceanic crust, and is recycled by plumes that feed volcanoes beneath [...]

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UH Researchers ID New Invasive Butterfly

Sleepy Orange butterfly (Abaeis nicippe) University of Hawai‘i researchers are saying Hawai‘i has “dodged a bullet” after a “probably harmless” species of butterfly has spread throughout the archipelago since it was first noticed in December 2013. The butterfly’s larvae feed on an ornamental plant, and has not been deemed a threat to food [...]

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UH Relocates 2 Dolphins, 1 False Killer Whale to Sea Life Park

BJ, a 29-year-old female bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) The University of Hawai‘i announced last week three marine mammals that have been involved in hearing and underwater noise studies at UH Mānoa for more than 20 years have been relocated to Sea Life Park, an O‘ahu amusement park with five habitats and exhibits housing penguins, [...]

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