Aloha Hawaii Friends…we need your Kokua!

Independent filmmaking today is all about crowd funding. George Kahumoku is seeking supporters to help continue his film series documenting the lives of prominent Hawaiian musicians. The deadline is March 31 and funding support is still needed at

This documentary series will present two new films featuring Martin Pahinui, youngest son of slack key legend, Gabby Pahinui; and Brother Noland, slack key guitar innovator and composer. These films are currently seeking financial support on Kickstarter, which was used successfully to fund George’s documentary “Seeds Of Aloha”, Richard Ho’opi’i’s “The Timeless Voice”, and Dennis Kamakahi’s, “The Legend of the Grey Wolf.” If funded, these two new films are projected to be an hour in length, each telling the story  of the artist through his own eyes.

If funded, these two new films are projected to be an hour in length, each telling the story of the artist through his own eyes.

• Martin Pahinui, whose distinctive voice is often mistaken for his father’s, was an original member of the Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band. He also performed with The Peter Moon Band and slack key super group, Hui Aloha, on George Winston’s Dancing Cat label where he also recorded his solo CD, “Ho’olohe,” with musical support from Hawaiian Band leader, Aaron Mahi, slack key guitarist, George Kuo, & steel guitarist, Bobby Ingano.

• Brother Noland has deeply influenced contemporary Hawaiian music. He takes a Hawaiian favorite and “Nolanizes” it, applying his own distinctive style. A prominent Mountain Apple artist, he is considered the “Father of Jawaiian Music” and is famous for his song “Coconut Girl” and his popular interpretation of “Big Ship”. His lifetime of work with Hawaiian youth keeps him in close touch with his culture and community.

Log in on Kickstarter at to make a donation. You can also email filmmaker Dave Barry at

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