The Alzheimer’s Association will be presenting it’s free flagship​ “Family Caregiver ​ ​Training​”​. This will be presented across from the Agency On Elderly Affairs starting ​February 19 from 2:00-3:30 PM and for 8 Fridays, completing on ​April 22. Find out everything you need to know to make your caregiving experience for a family member with dementia, or any other disease of the elderly, that much easier.

​Here is what 3 previous participants have said about it:

​“The caregiver’s class was a life saver for me… I learned new skills and knowledge on how to further care for my mother at a time when I thought I was too overwhelmed to find solutions that would make my life easier and to handle the extra responsibilities I was now facing…”

“This class has made me be more aware of this disease, (helped me) better understand behaviors and how to deal with the situation. “

“This is a great program that all should be a part of. It can feel like weights are lifted just by learning.”

Call 245-3200​ extension 8242​ to reserve your space.