Noreen Dougherty will host an EDU-K workshop Nov. 30 to Dec. 2.

Noreen Dougherty will host an EDU-K workshop Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. Courtesy photo

Noreen Dougherty will host an Edu-K Workshop with Carla Hannaford, Ph.D,  from Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2.

Enter the unique circle of your own perceptual world
of visual, auditory, and body awareness

Vision Circles grew out of Dr. Paul Dennison’s vast knowledge of (and commitment to) natural vision improvement and sensory integration.  Vision Circles provides a roadmap to completion of developmental skills through movement, play, art, and vision awareness activities.  Each of the eight structured sessions (circles) represents a key to enhanced mind-body functioning.  Each circle presents opportunities to recognize and expand perceptual abilities and exploration of the sensory modalities.


CARLA HANNAFORD, Ph.D., educator and biologist, is an international faculty member of the Edu-K Foundation.  She is also the author of Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head, The Dominance Factor: How Knowing Your Dominant Ear, Eye, Brain, Hand & Foot Can Improve Your Learning, and  Awakening the Child Heart: Handbook for Global Parenting.  Her experiential teaching style is both highly effective and delightful.


▪  Enhanced sensory awareness

▪  Increased ability for successful goals setting

▪  Rapid, joyful, personal growth

▪  Understand the relationship between vision, brain integration, and learning

▪  More comprehensive understanding of Edu-K

▪  The power of playful movement


▪ Vision Gym—over 30 movements for integrating the body, and vision for everyday activities

▪  10 new Edu-K balances

▪  Ways to improve your vision—both physically and metaphorically


Each vision circle is a sphere of perceptual awareness.  These are natural gifts that we come with as infants but tend to use less of as we adapt to outer directed teaching, blocking our innate capacities, and adopting other people’s methods of learning.

This three-day workshop includes:

▪  Experiential play and art▪  Visualization to break through homeostasis
▪  Repatterning of primary perceptual skills▪  Vision Gym activities
▪  New uses for Brain Gym for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic awareness





Date:             November 30, December 1,  December 2,  2012

Cost:              $350 ($325 if $50 non-refundable deposit is received at least two weeks in advance)

Location:       The Green Center  in Kapaa, Hawaii

Class Times:         Friday 9am – 7 PM, Saturday 9am – 9 PM,

Sunday 9am – 4:00 PM

For more information contact:

Noreen Dougherty         (808) 823-0619