11072720246_e041d5b431_tA “NOT TO BE MISSED” Worldwide Initiative is Taking Place on Kauai on Sunday, September 14, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm @ a centrally located venue in Lihue (TBA).

 Come Join Us in this Breakthrough Event to bring People of All Faiths Together in Remembering Our One Shared Source of Love, Light, and Power which sustains us all.

“Think Globally, Act Locally” has taken on a whole new meaning as we urge you to join us in a worldwide celebration to bring the Light, Love, and Power of our shared Spriritual Source more consciously into our “day to day” awareness.

The event on September 14th @ 6p.m to 8p.m. will be the culmination of a week of awareness-building, meditative activities on the ONE which will take place all around our beloved island.  Come join thousands of people around the world who believe that our world will be helped by turning our attention and awareness to our shared spiritual SOURCE.  All movers and shakers of our community, parents, teachers, artisits, muscians, therapists, ministers, politicians, reverends, surfers, business owners, in short everyone, is invited to come out and represent yourself!!!

We will be joined by Jay (Janardhan) Chodagam, a TED TALKS SPEAKER, from San Francisco and it’s community of Brahama Kumariis.  Jay was here two years ago at the Kauai County Fair at our “Oasis of Peace” booth, after which he gave a “standing room only” talk on “Being Before Doing” in Kapa’a and another packed talk on the North Shore called “A Future Without Fear”.

embrace the LightJay has held workshops on managing stress and anxiety and increasing well-being at venues as diverse as Gap,Inc., San Joaquin Hospital, San Francisco County Jail, Pacific Gas & Electric, as well as Stanford University, University of Hawaii, San Diego State, Portland State, and Alaska University.  He is most recently noted for his outstanding discussion as a speaker at: TEDX Conference.

Jay’s search for peace and fulfillment led him to researching and understanding meditation techniques which has brought a profound sense of meaning and purpose to his life.

He regularly conducts workshops and seminars at the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Marin County, Ca.  He also hosts the wonderful yearly festival called Peace in the Park in San Francisco, as well as a monthly “Men’s Wisdom Circle” and a weekly “meditation meet-up” group also in San Francisco where he is based.  Lucky we live Kauai, for it now seems as though we are part of Jay’s circuit!

Jay graduated from University of Texas, Austin in 1998 with a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

We are also hosting a sweet array of  harp, sitar, flute, and crystal bowl musicians who will assist us in creating a beautiful ambiance that will allow each soul present to open into a wonderful reflective experience as we hold  Personal and Global  Healing in “the meditations of our joined hearts”.

Leading up to this Worldwide Mass Meditation Event will be a series of intimate evening meditation events across the island on every shore.  The first upcoming event will be a World Peace Meditation, this Sunday, July 20th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, close to Hanalei Bluff.  We will also be  at the Kauai County Fair again this year at our “Oasis of Peace” Booth from August 22-24.  Watch for a meditation event coming to you during the beginning days of September.  We look forward to sharing the love of our shared Spiritual Source with you and yours!!!

For more Information about any of these upcoming events:

Call Sr. Shivalaya @ 639-9436

or Sr. Deborah @ 651-4534

Visit us on FACEBOOK at our page called: “Kauai Meditating”





Om Shanti = I am a peaceful soul