Blessing held for DOW Wailua Pipeline Replacement Project

//Blessing held for DOW Wailua Pipeline Replacement Project

Blessing held for DOW Wailua Pipeline Replacement Project

WAILUA – A dedication was held in Wailua today to commemorate the completion of the Department of Water’s (DOW) pipeline replacement project. The newly installed pipeline will serve the current and future needs of Wailua residences along Kuamo’o and Wailua roads, ‘Ohana and Anolani streets, and Lehia Lane.

 DOW Deputy Manager William Eddy opened the ceremony and praised everyone involved for their efforts in dedicating themselves to a project that benefits the Wailua community.

“The Wailua pipeline replacement project provides the necessary upgrades with regards to fire protection and the reduction of pipeline frictional losses, which will increase our energy efficiency within the system,” said DOW Project Manager Dustin Moises, adding that the project is part of Water Plan 2020.

Kahu Jade Battad, who also officiated at the groundbreaking of the project earlier this year, said that she was moved and touched by the department’s willingness to listen and address cultural concerns by community leaders regarding the land and the sacredness of the area.

“Whenever something is done from the heart and with the blessing of Ke Akua, only good can come from it,” said Battad.

The Department would like to thank the Aston Aloha Beach Hotel, Hui Na Makaiwa o Wailuanuiahoano and Wailua residents for their patience and cooperation while the improvements were being made to the Wailua system.

The Wailua pipeline replacement project was completed by Koga Engineering and Construction, Inc. for approximately $1.3M. Funding for the project was obtained through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

For more information, please call the Department of Water at 245-5461 during business hours, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For emergencies after hours, call Police Dispatch at 241-1711.

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