Study Finds Geostationary Satellites Monitor Land Surfaces More Efficiently

Seasonal variations in the vegetation index of temperate forests, using images taken by the Himawari-8 new-generation geostationary satellite. Image courtesy of UH Environmental [...]

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UH Hilo Graduate Student Works to Save Native Songbird

Palila (Loxioides bailleui). Photo courtesy of USGS/UH A University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo graduate student is collaborating with researchers to save the palila (Loxioides bailleui), a species [...]

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Who’s Laughing Now? UH Doctors Find Cure for Uncontrollable Laughter

Illustration by JABSOM 2nd year medical student Christina Tse. Laughter is good medicine, except when it actually is the symptom of an illness. Medical residents at [...]

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‘Monster’ Tilapia Caught on Big Island Highlights Threat for Fish to Become Pests (w/ video)

A Nile tilapia caught on the Big Island. Photo courtesy of DLNR Aquatic Biologist Troy Sakihara is dealing with tilapia a lot these [...]

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