Wednesday’s Kapa‘a checkpoint. Photo courtesy of KPD

The Kaua‘i Police Department continues to set up checkpoints to help to curb community-spread of COVID-19. Additionally, a Washington visitor who had arrived on Kaua‘i Thursday refused to find lodging, and was arrested by KPD. He is expected to return to Washington today (scroll down for more info).

On Wednesday, Kaua‘i police conducted an extensive COVID-19 related checkpoint on Kūhiō Highway by the south end entrance of the Kapa‘a Bypass Road, in accordance with the statewide emergency proclamation and county emergency rules, according to a news release by the County of Kaua‘i.

Nearly 1,700 vehicles passed through the area on Wednesday. The majority of the drivers stated that they were on their way to or from either essential work or essential activities.

Wednesday’s Kapa‘a checkpoint. Photo courtesy of KPD

Checkpoints of this nature have been and will continue to be conducted at various times and locations around the island to help deter people from traveling and potentially spreading COIVD-19 within the community.

“Right now, we are seriously attempting to curtail the number of cars on the road and discourage people from getting into them to travel unless they absolutely need to,” said Chief of Police Todd G. Raybuck. “Please consider what is actually essential and limit your activities to the best of your ability. We also want to remind people that our presence at these locations is solely an effort to prevent the spread of the virus within our community.”

On Monday, 300 vehicles passed through a Waimea checkpoint, 213 though Hanalei, 160 through Po‘ipū and some 1,150 through Kapa‘a. A handful of drivers were advised to turn around due to conducting non-essential travel but the majority stated that they were traveling for essential needs.

On Tuesday, more than 1,400 drivers passed through a checkpoint in Po‘ipū and more than 250 at a checkpoint in Kapa‘a, nearly all drivers stated essential reasons for travel.

Wednesday’s Kapa‘a checkpoint. Photo courtesy of KPD

To date, the Kaua‘i Police Department has issued 12 misdemeanor citations for COVID-19 emergency order violations, largely pertaining to curfew. They each could mean fines of up to $5,000 and up to a year in jail.

Two arrests have also been made related to violations of the state’s 14-day quarantine order. More information on the second arrest will be forthcoming.

“Rest assured, we will be taking further action if traffic on the roads continues in the way that it has,” said Chief Raybuck. “I understand how difficult this is, as none of us have ever really faced having to make this kind of sacrifice for the greater good of our island but I do believe that if there’s any community that can pull together and do this, it’s ours.”

KPD Arrest Washington Man for Violating 14-Day Quarantine

Devin Martin. Photo courtesy of KPD

Kaua‘i police arrested 50-year-old Devin Martin of Olympia, Wash. on Thursday for violating the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine order, according to a county news release.

According to a preliminary report, Martin arrived on Kaua‘i on Thursday via Alaska Airlines from Washington. He was contacted by airport security upon his arrival and advised of the 14-day quarantine. He did not have reservations for proper accommodations and he allegedly refused to find suitable lodging.

The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority alerted KPD of his violation of the 14-day quarantine and he was subsequently arrested.

Martin did not display signs or symptoms of illness but he was brought to Wilcox Hospital for clearance prior to his incarceration. Kaua‘i police also followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hawai‘i Department of Health guidelines as far as Personal Protective Equipment is concerned, during the man’s transport.

Martin is currently being held in cellblock and is expected to return to the mainland today, Friday.