Everyone is invited to join the Community Food Forest Installation at the Community Garden on Kalihiwai Ridge starting this Saturday, Dec 1st from 9a-5p and continuing Sunday Dec 2nd from 9a-5p.

This is a project for the community, by the community, and made possible by numerous organizations, including Malama Kauai, Regenerations, and LUBOF, as well as the community at large.

After months of planning and preparation, the day has finally arrived when we’ll be getting to work on 1900 ft of swales and the input of hundreds of trees, including some of the 88 over-story and under-story species of fruit trees.

This garden will not only be an educational demonstration and propagation site for many of Kauai’s important food plants, but it will be a community resource for sharing seeds, fruit, flowers and cuttings at the bi-annual seed exchanges and through the many community and school gardens across Kauai.

In order for this project to really blossom, we depend upon the support of our whole community.

If you are able, we are asking for you to make an investment in the future of your community by supporting this effort through a generous, 100% tax deductible donation.

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If you have been considering an end-of-year donation, why not make one that supports food security and the healthy future of those you share your backyard with.

Join the Food Forest Group!

If you are interested in being at the event or part of the group that is putting it all together please visit out Facebook Event and Group pages that have been helpful in staying organized and on task.

Facebook Food Forest Group Page

Facebook Food Forest Event Page

Food Forest Mission Statement 

To design, implement and maintain regenerative food forests for present and future generations.


  1. Develop a viable self-sustaining food source for the community
  2. Create a renewable source of biological diversity for reproduction, distribution, and conservation
  3. Provide an educational site focused on permaculture, community resilience and plant diversity
  4. Provide a community gathering area based on food sustainability and collective enterprise
  5. Insure the continuation of the food forest for generations to come

We hope to see you out there getting dirty and learning how we can come together to see the kind of abundant future we want for ourselves, our familiies and our community. Mahalo!


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Or simply contact us at info@malamakauai.org