Diana LaBedz to host  The Kaua’i Island Hemp Radio Show

What/Where  KKCR  Kauai Community Radio 91.9  Third Monday of the month at 5- 6 PMbeginning September 21 
Why:  Hemp is the canabis saliva plant. It is grown without intoxicating THC. Smoking hemp will not make a person “high.” It is an industrial crop.
There are over 20,000 modern day products that can be made from hemp.  Most industrialized countries legally grow hemp.  The US imports all hemp used in America, an industry worth over $300 million.  
Hemp produces the strongest, most durable, natural soft fiber on Earth.
Plastics made from hemp are biodegradable.
Hemp can make ethanol (more than four times per acre than corn.)  
Hemp seed is the most complete food source containing all 8 essential amino acids, the essential fatty acids, as well as fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to sustain human life.    
Phytoremediation is the process whereby green plants remove toxins from the soil. Hemp can extract specific elements within their ecosystem and still thrive. They accumulate the toxins in their tissues and root systems but remain undamaged eliminating heavy metals and pesticides from damaged soil.  It seems hemp is quite amazing at sucking up radiation.
Radio host, Diana LaBedz, asks, “With all this information available,  why are we not growing hemp?   Hemp stabilizes and enriches soil, and reduces weeds without chemical applications. I strongly feel that Kauai Islanders are intelligent, creative, industrious, and wish to create a better future for our children and our planet.  We have the farmers, the land, engineers, construction contractors and everything it takes to grow a better future.”
Despite current legal constraints on hemp, growth and use in the US remains a fast growing crop and market. Hemp production in the US and abroad has a fascinating history.  At the formation of our country hemp was considered so important that it was illegal NOT to grow hemp. Today, it is against the law to grow it.  
Hemp requires little water, or pesticides, and its products are renowned for their durability, rendering it a highly sustainable potential crop. Hemp hasthe potential to be Kauai’s number one sustainable crop.   The politics and how Kauai can grow and manufacture hemp has many discussion topics.  This show has a solutions so we can find our way to bring hemp to the islands.  “We, together can figure this out.”  LaBedz says,  ” I am not content to follow the rules that don’t support the greatness of our potential.  Our children deserve a healthy future.  The show will bring voices that are knowledgeable and experienced to share and encourage our success.  Hemp makes Dollars and Sense.  Let’s do it!”
“Hemp is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country”  Thomas Jefferson
Contact Diana LaBedz 337 9977