Dillberg Integrated Healthcare in Poipu is proud to publicly announce their third annual Mom Scholarship recipient: Zephyr Pearl of Kapahi, winner of $3,000 in integrated services at the clinic for a year. They also gave away two honorable mention gift certificates to Sandra Wood and Jeani Martin for $250 and $500 respectively for Functional Healthcare Evaluations, as well as a $1,000 gift certificate for services to the scholarship runner up, Nicole Pepper. The total amount of healthcare granted to deserving Moms from all over the island was $4,750.

Numerous applicants from Kauai applied in hopes of winning the scholarship. The team at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare was looking for a woman who was interested in being her best, someone who wanted to learn more about maintaining health, and someone who would work hard to implement the education and protocols designed specifically for her to improve her well being.

“Pearl’s application and story was remarkable in so many ways,” says Michele Dillberg. “She had a traumatic history from a devastating car accident that happened just three weeks after her wedding day in 2001. She had to be dragged unconscious from the wreckage of her burning car and has lived in pain daily with severe restrictions since then. She has learned to live through the discomfort, and with enormous support from her loving husband and family has been able to care for her four children and even offer in-home care to her 90 year-old Grandpa Billy who has dementia. Because she is so loving, caring, and giving, she received an impressive 6 letters of recommendation from others nominating her for the scholarship.” Dr. Kerry Dillberg welcomes the challenge of working with Pearl, stating: “What struck us most from our telephone interview was the joy of life she expressed, the gentle humor she possesses, and her commitment to improve her health. We are really excited to see how this scholarship will benefit Pearl and her family.”

When asked what the scholarship meant to her, Pearl stated, ”Everything! I can get my health back. I want to run with my children and not get exhausted. I want to be included in their sports activities rather than watching and waving from the sidelines. I hope to become my best self through this experience.” She also stated, “It’s an honor to receive this scholarship and work with the Dillbergs over the next year. It is amazing that they offer this to moms on Kauai and I see how they genuinely care about the health and welfare of others; it’s not just a business.”

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare plans to document Pearl’s healthcare journey over the next year with photography, video, and interviews. They are hoping that through hard work, the healthcare changes for Pearl, and the honorable mention moms will be transformational and have a great impact on their lives.

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare specializes in chiropractic, postural and spinal rehabilitation, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, nutritional therapies, detoxification, and Neuro-Emotional Technique to reduce stress. Dr. Kerry Dillberg is committed to the mission of providing preventative and corrective healthcare to patients with a wide variety of healthcare goals and problems. For more information on Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, please contact (808) 742-9326 or visit www.dillberghealth.com.