In the spirit of Mother’s Day, Dillberg Integrated Healthcare in Poipu is announcing their second annual MOM Scholarship offering $3,000 in integrated services at their clinic for a year. The scholarship is set up to give a hard working mom an opportunity for optimal health throughout the year.

An applicant can nominate themselves, or a person can nominate someone they love or feel is deserving of the scholarship.  What the team at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare is looking for is a woman who is interested in being her best, someone who wants to learn more about health and how to maintain it.  

Last year’s winner, Peggy Stowe reflects on her experience and the changes it has brought to her life.  “I can’t say enough about winning my scholarship to Dillberg Integrated Health Care.  Winning the scholarship feels like I was given a new life.  This new life has brought me happiness, way better health and a better understanding of the importance of proper nutrition. I have felt more alive, and I have more energy, strength and endurance. I will be forever grateful for winning this great gift.”

To apply for the MOM Scholarship, please visit the clinic at 2711 Ala Kinoiki or download the application at under Hot Topics.  The application forms need to be mailed in or dropped off to the clinic by Thursday, May 1st.  The winner will be announced on Friday, May 9th, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Dr. Kerry Dillberg, owner of Dillberg Integrated Healthcare practices the “Four Vector Approach” to health and wellness. Structure, chemical, electro-magnetic and emotion complete the four-system method.

The uniqueness of the “Four Vector Approach” is that Dr. Dillberg can assess different correlative weaknesses in the body and employ advanced techniques to reduce stress, balance the body’s frame and chemistry and restore vitality.  This dynamic system to wellness is unparalleled in the state of Hawaii. Some of their treatment modalities practiced at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare include Chiropractic, postural rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine, Egoscue, and Pettibon Spinal Technologies.

Dr. Kerry Dillberg is committed to the mission of providing preventative and corrective healthcare to patients with a wide variety of healthcare goals and problems.  For more information on Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, please contact (808) 742-9326 or visit