mas sajadyRenowned Oracle and Success Energizer Mas Sajady, who has transformed the lives of tens of thousands all over the world through powerful meditation and healing events, is coming to Kaua‘i to help people during six days, in the last week of October.

Interestingly enough, he says that his unique path of service wasn’t something he sought out. Sajady says in order to gain the ability to dramatically improve lives of others, he first had to nearly lose his own.

Mas Sajady mainSajady was an ordinary computer programmer who survived two near-death experiences, emerging with what he describes as extraordinary intuitive and healing capabilities stretching far beyond the physical realm. He now travels across continents helping countless individuals come into alignment with their true selves.

Once that alignment is achieved, Sajady says anyone can achieve miraculous results in all areas of life, including physical, spiritual and emotional health, as well as financial prosperity and professional success. He has dedicated his life to serving his clients, and is looking forward to hosting a series of events in Hawai‘i from Oct. 24-31.

mas sajady cropHe is coming to Kaua‘i from Oct. 26-31 for six powerful days of gatherings at both the St. Regis Princeville Resort as well as the lush interior wilderness of the island.

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