The property Bill Porter and his wife have developed, the old Guava Kai has been riden for decades by equestrians in this kilauea area. Now it is like our right arm has been cut off!! He is no long allowing equine admittance to the long time Guava Kai area. We are outraged that there is no allowance for equine access. This has been accessed by equines always. in is one of the very last places to ride your horse on the north shore!!! Developers have now fenced off the Kilauea Waterfall and hiking and equine access also. What is going on here?? Are the rich mainlanders taking over all our trails and access to our aina? Yes!! How sad and hopeless the rich have their way. Hawaiian law does say all areas should have equine access, but it is never upheld by the state or county. Who can afford to go up against these multi-millionares? Not the common person who has lived here decades and wants to be able to enjoy the beauty of Kauai. People are going to start becoming very angry and overstepping these rich land owners who do not want to share and make their silly rules.

Carol Ernsdorf