"Get a Job" Director Brian Kohne

“Get a Job” Director Brian Kohne

“Get a Job” — Thumbs Up — Audience Liked it

Article and photos by Anne E. O’Malley

At the September 14 screening of Brian Kohne’s film Get a Job starring Willie K and Eric Gilliom, there was a lot of laughter and good fun.

Director Brian Kohne remained after the show to do a Q&A with the audience, highlighting some of the challenges in producing the low-budget film, including that he wouldn’t attempt another wacky production with so many characters and scene changes again at that low price, but closing with the upbeat comment, “We can make our own movies

[in Hawai`i]!”

He also heartily thanked the Garden Island Arts Council and its volunteer director, Carol Kouchi Yotsuda, for all the help in preparing for this night.

After seeing the film, movie-goers questioned in the lobby seemed to have a common thread among their comments.

“It was fun, local and had lots of life,” said Judy Shabert.

“I loved it,” said Jan Masukawa, and added, I laughed so hard I cried.”

Steve Fujii said, “I really enjoyed it.”

Jeremy Orbe-Smith said, “I like that there’s an industry in Hawai`i that’s being developed, that can support local talent.

Visiting from Ecuador, Mariana Orbe said, “It’s interesting because it promotes movies made in Hawai`i.”

Pepe Orbe also liked that it supported a local movie-making industry.

Rene Arteaga liked that the world can see locally-made movies from the state.

Jodi Ascuena found the local humor really funny and said, “I thought Willie I was hysterical, and I loved that it was a Friday night movie.”

Her husband, Victor Ascuena, said, “It was a fun, light-hearted movie, enjoyable, and I enjoyed seeing a lot of local folks.”

Onward and upward. Writer- Director Kohne is asking all to choose it at Netflix to make a demand for it.