Photographing at Anahola. Photo courtesy of Kaua`i Photo Tours

by Anne E. O’Malley

Everybody has a camera, but how well do your photos turn out? Visitors and residents alike can benefit from jumping on a van with Kaua`i Photo Tours.

Whether you’re shooting with an iPhone or $10,000 worth of equipment, the guides at Kaua`i Photo Tours help you get the photos you want, with colors that pop, taken in vistas right out of a movie.

Tour packages include a guide, a van, driving to locations and depending on your choice, walking, hiking or all driving.

“It’s not designed as a workshop, it’s not a lecture,” say Michele Tylor, who does sales and more for the business her husband, Vince, owns. It’s a more informal setting.”

The guides know the spots and know photography, with ranges of from five to 20 years of experience. You get to ask all manner of questions

“It’s more like going out with a friend who’s a photographer,” says Tylor.

On the tours, “Composition is king,” says Tylor. “You can have the nicest camera world, and if you’re not paying attention, it doesn’t matter.”

Tylor says guides also emphasize polarizing lenses, that they act like a pair of sunglasses for your camera and allow midday shots. And here’s a tip — you can even put a pair of sunglasses in front of your lens, e.g., with an iPhone.

Says Tylor, “Kaua`i Photo Tours is a great way to see amazing places one right after the other in five hours. You don’t have to think about it, and later, you can go back and relax at those spots.”

To review the tours, visit online at For more information and to book a tour, call 808-823-1263.

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