Grand Opening of Splash Cafe at Harbor Mall

//Grand Opening of Splash Cafe at Harbor Mall

Grand Opening of Splash Cafe at Harbor Mall

PR-Splash Cafe Grand Opening#1Well over 100 people were invited and packed into the patio area before the Grand Opening of the Splash Cafe at Harbor Mall, Wednesday March 13 at 5:30pm. After the informal Hawaiian blessing performed by Kahalani, Splash Creative Crepes & Coffees, open the doors for the crowd to walk through and were greeted by owners Mike and Monica Goodnight.

The patio area was filled with well wishers and trays of delicious bite size baguettes topped with chicken salad, Tuna salad, cheese and apples, salmon and other tasty treats passed through the crowd. Fresh bread, asparagus, carrots, brocolli and other bite size niblets were ready to be dipped into the tasty hot cheese fondue dip. Inside Manager RY Tao mixed up delicous Margaritas. When asked what was in the Margarita, all the regular ingredients usually found in this common drink were mentioned. But, it had a flavor very unique and different. RY’s comment to that was “it’s all about the proportions, that is what makes the difference at Splash Cafe!” A breakfast and lunch menu with unique pasteries, crepes, salads and soups and refreshments include an assortment of smoothies, gelatos, juices, wines and beers, something for everyone to enjoy.

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