30,000 foundationThe University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant and the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association are offering a comprehensive Rainwater Catchment Accredited Professional training course Friday and Saturday.

The two-day accredited professional-level workshop is an in-depth rainwater-harvesting course required for those seeking ARCSA Accredited Professional status.

“With the ongoing water crisis around the world, our workshop is focusing on Hawai‘i so we can provide the tools to build your own reservoirs,” said Tim Pope, course instructor. “With declining supply and possibly contaminated resources, we hope to see many from Hawai‘i but attendees are welcome from anywhere.”

The course will provide attendees with knowledge for rainwater harvesting, active and passive design and installation for outdoor and in-home rainwater use; sanitation for potable uses; rules and regulations, guidelines and restrictions; business management; project planning; site and installation safety; and system construction and maintenance.

The course will follow a Rainwater Harvesting and Planning manual, which is included in the course tuition. Larger commercial systems will also be covered.

The workshop will be at the Kaua‘i Veterans Center, at 3215 Kapule Highway, Lihu‘e, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Attendees will be able to sign up at the door. Lunch is provided both days.

Tuition is $495.00 non-ARCSA member or $395.00 ARCSA member. ARCSA membership is $75.00. To become an accredited Professional, there is an additional $150.00 testing fee and ARCSA membership is required

Registration can also be done at www.arcsa.org. Contact Tim Pope at (360) 317-4192 or at water@interisland.net for more information.