Kumu Leinaala Pavao JardinBy Pam Varma Brown

Leina’ala Pavao Jardin will share her passion for hula and stories about how her love for the traditional Hawaiian dance led her on a journey from learning hula as a little girl to becoming a kumu hula (hula instructor) whose students perform at the Merrie Monarch Festival, the most prestigious hula festival in the world, on Saturday June 1 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Kauai Museum. She will also demonstrate traditional Hawaiian chanting and talk about the history of hula, after which some of her students will treat us to a brief performance.

“Hula is my passion. When I dance, I feel humbled but filled with pride,” Jardin says. “I want my students to feel love for the hula because they are sharing our culture.”

The conversation will be facilitated by Pamela Varma Brown, author of the book Kauai Stories,” a collection of more than 50 colorful, touching and humorous personal stories about aspects of Hawaii life, including Jardin’s story. Kauai Stories is available at the Kauai Museum, locations   and on Amazon.com.

This talk story event is part of the Kauai Museum’s ongoing “Author Series,” highlighting talented local writers, said Melisa Paterson, the museum’s public relations specialist.

Admission is $10; free to museum members. For more information, please call Brown,  651-3533 or email pam@kauaistories.net