Joshua and Pua Rossi-Fukino

Joshua and Pua Rossi-Fukino. Pono. He says, “I do” every day. Studio, photography by Ralph Nishimoto

Q&A with Pua and Joshua

Puali`ili`imaikalani Rossi-Fukino and Joshua Fukino met in 2001 and married in March 2009. This is their love story, told in Q&A.


For Kaua`i: What attracted you to each other?

PUA:              We were both students at KCC. Joshua was volunteering in the weight room. He was very patient, nice and sweet, and both my friend and I agreed he had the best smile on campus. I learned quickly that his goals and values are very similar to mine.

JOSHUA:      I found out she danced hula and she was a local girl, Hawaiian, and I just knew she was really beautiful and wanted to get to know her better.

FK:                 Tell about your first date

PUA:              It took awhile. He lived on one side the island and I lived on another. Our first official date happened about two months after we met. First we went to Duke’s, planning to be alone, but it happened that a lot of our friends were there, so I’d say our first official date was on Valentine’s day. I’d never seen a Polihale sunset, so after school, we picked up food at the Pacific Pizza Deli and went out there.

FK:                Did you kiss on the first date?

PUA:              I made him wait quite some time. He thought he was going to get one early on, but I made him wait,

JOSHUA:      I can verify it.

 FK:               When did you start thinking about marriage?

JOSHUA:     Early on. We were both in the Hawaiian Studies Performing Arts Club, and for Christmas, we went to Koke`e to make ornaments ad wreaths. She went out into the woods with slippers on to pick up some maile. She brought it to me, showed me how to make a little lei. I kind of knew — this girl was for me. She was wearing pink slippers on the trail and picking maile.

Joshua and Pua Rossi-Fukino

Joshua and Pua Rossi-Fukino. Pono. He says, “I do” every day. Studio, photography by Ralph Nishimoto

FK:                Tell about your wedding.

PUA:              Our ceremony was unique. We met at KCC and both work there. There’s a lo`i kalo and we got married in the taro field. Everybody thought we were crazy — and it was beautiful. We had a really great reception at Smith’s Tropical Paradise.

FK:                Did you marry your soul mate?

JOSHUA:     I feel like I did.

PUA:               Yeah, definitely. everybody said it’s going to be hard, and it’s challenging merging finances and saying, “I do,” but I never regret it.

FK:                How would you express a token of your love today?

PUA:              Wow, that’s a hard one, so many things I would want to say. I always knew I’d meet someone and fall in love and get married, but never thought I’d find someone as happy as I am. It’s love, supp