June Cover of "For Kaua`i"

June Cover of "For Kaua`i" feaures a. ell atelier. Cover photo by Keri Cooper

I Do! I Do!

June! For Kaua`i features wedding-related articles throughout its June edition. It’s the traditional wedding month.

Weddings are so personal — a celebratory expression of a couple’s love that takes place in front of family, friends and loved ones — and may be as simple or as elaborate as the parties involved desire.

So many choices! Such a special occasion!

“The wedding island of Kaua`i,” is what the brochure for the Kaua`i Wedding Professionals Association calls the garden isle. The 70 or so member association offers a listing of numerous businesses serving the wedding, civil union and vow renewal industry. Members are licensed professionals; you can find a listing of their services online at the KauaiWedPro website.

To become an association member, by the way, a business owner must live on Kaua`i, have a business on Kaua`i and be recommended by someone on Kaua`i.

In subsequent posts following this one, For Kaua`i presents a few brief articles about a variety of wedding services and related tips. From planning to invitations; from photo tips to that memorable couple’s dance, and even a love story, we hope you’ll get into the wedding spirit and enjoy the capable offerings of the many and varied professionals who share their special services.