By Uma Sivanathan

Recently, a close friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately, I set upon extensive research into treatment options, and came across, an extremely valuable website. I saw a testimonial from Paula Black — author of the book, Life, Cancer and God — who is now cured of cancer through her faith and willpower to take responsibility of her own well being.

Between the time of Paula’s cancer diagnosis and her next doctor’s appointment, she and her husband, Captain Dale, spent every waking moment combing through resources to find out what options they had. Their research led them to Paula’s daily treatment plan and to her ultimate full recovery.

Paula learned the root causes of her cancer and addressed them. She completely revamped her lifestyle.

One of the first things Paula did was recognize and avoid many sources of stress. Stress causes a chemical reaction in our bodies, creating an oxygen deficiency in our cells. Studies show lack of oxygen in our cells is an underlying cause of cancer.

To increase her oxygen intake, Paula exercised in the fresh air each day. She learned cancer starts at the cellular level. When our cells are rich in oxygen, our immune system’s ability to destroy cancer-causing damaged cells is increased.

We are so fortunate on Kaua‘i to be able to walk our beaches, breathe in the ocean air and absorb the sunlight. Moderate sunlight exposure slows the growth of cancer cells and promotes vitamin D, a key factor for many metabolic functions.

Paula found that getting plenty of quality sleep at night and rest during the day was essential. When we sleep our cells do their house cleaning and the immune system is rejuvenated. She realized the importance of our bodies’ innate circadian rhythm with light and darkness, and limited her exposure to blue light at from computers, cell phones and televisions.

During his 30-year practice, Dr. Gerhauser ( observed exposure to electrical magnetic frequencies from indoor lighting, computers, cell phones and televisions are contributing greatly to cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses by disrupting our natural circadium rhythm. Research is clear; blue spectrums of light from these sources immediately destroy melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is an important hormone that makes us sleepy. Without natural darkness, melatonin levels do not rise which can lead to insomnia or other sleep disorders. Melatonin works with our immune system, and is also a powerful antioxidant. Amber colored blue light blocking glasses can be purchased on Amazon for those who need to be on the computer or cell phone at night.

Paula also learned our cells need hydration to function properly and keep our immune system working at an optimum level. She drank 12 eight-ounce glasses of filtered water every day. It is important to avoid chlorinated and fluoridated water.

She learned eliminating daily toxic chemical exposure is essential. Chemicals can be found in our water, air, food, personal care products, household cleaners, garden pesticides and herbicides. Read labels before purchasing products.

While healing, Paula avoided red meat, dairy products, caffeine, sugar and artificial sweetener aspartame. She found a diet of fresh, living raw vegetable and fruits were her most nutrient-dense, cancer-fighting foods, loaded with digestive enzymes.

She kept a daily juicing regimen, based on the highly successful Gerson Therapy (, which uses juicing as their treatment foundation. The nutrients in freshly made juice are absorbed directly into the blood stream, by-passing the digestive system. In order to quickly get massive amounts of the right nutrients, Paula made fresh juice from carrots, apples and cancer-fighting deep green vegetables 10 times a day. Her juicing schedule and recipes can be found in her book. Lightly steamed veggies and gently simmered vegetable soups rounded out Paula’s diet.

She had complete faith she was being divinely guided to the perfect treatment course and never veered from it until she knew she was cured. She repeated affirmations daily, which kept her faith strong, stable and focused.

Besides Paula’s inspirational story, my research revealed some other important protocols for eliminating the root cause of cancer and promoting full recovery.

In her book, The Cure For All Cancers, Hulda Clark presents clear evidence parasites and amalgam in our teeth contribute to cancer. Visit for more information.

There is also convincing evidence high doses of Vitamin C administered intravenously can dramatically reduce tumors and prevent cancer. Decades ago, Linus Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research on the effect of high doses of vitamin C on cancer. He understood high doses of vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide in our bodies, which is toxic to cancer cells. The success of IVC in cancer treatment is worth looking into.

Uma Sivanathan

I highly recommend researching the Hope4Cancer treatment center in Tijuana ( Dr. Tony Jimenez and his staff provide a multi-faceted holistic approach with a 75 percent success rate in cancer remission and recovery. If going to Tijuana is not an option, visit their website, noting what treatment protocols they use and then find similar protocols offered on Kaua‘i, such as far infrared saunas. Some gyms may have them. It is known that cancer does not live at high heat temperatures. Saunas also promote a deep tissue detox.

Cancer is known to be an inflammatory disease. We can easily grow in our own backyards, the powerful anti-inflammatory olena, or turmeric, and yellow ginger roots, which can be used to make a delicious cancer-preventing tea and as culinary spices.

Other valuable websites to research are:; for lysine and vitamin C therapy; and

We are riding the crest of a new era in regenerative medicine. The Internet is bringing alternative ways to cancer treatment into light. I found many other success stories that give a sense of hope for those on the journey through cancer.

  • Uma Sivanathan is the founder and president of Mana‘olana Center for Health and Healing. She can be reached at