Favorite shave ice: Ono Family Restaurant in Kapa`a has a shave ice hut attached where dozens of flavors are served heaped high and dripping with coconut cream on top of ice cream. They even have a tamarind flavor and super fine shaved ice. Location: 4-1292 Kuhio Hwy, Kapa`a

Favorite yoga teacher: Patricia Howard’s studio in Kapahi is a sanctuary for body and soul. Her blend of many forms of yoga in the artful “shed” on her property is a blessing to Kapa`a.  For class days and hours email her at  HYPERLINK “mailto:howardsendus@gmail.com” howardsendus@gmail.com.

Favorite Fundraiser: Paradise Ride for Malama Pono Health Services has grown tremendously and is an incredibly vital agency that provides everything free to clients, walk-ins, and anyone who wants information, confidential testing and counseling for HIV, Hepatitis B &C, and other STDs. Funds raised riding support its ongoing work.  I ride because I want to make a difference. Pictued are Jim Wolff and Noran Seigel.