Android phone image for fundraiser 550x358Beach Toolz, LLC  launched an Indiegogo fundraiser Kaua`i Beach Guide Android App. Help raise funds to create an Android version of the Kauai Beach Guide iPhone app and help save lives. The Kauai Beach Guide app is featured at the end of the new ocean safety video at Lihu`e’s baggage claim areas as a smart option to assist in staying safe, and it’s important to get it into Android form to reach even more visitors.

A number of local Kaua`i merchants have generously donated goods and gift certificates that Beach Toolz is offering as unique perks to contributors. It is also possible to contribute any amount you choose, without redeeming a perk.

It costs $15,000 to design and develop the Kaua`i Beach Guide app for the Android operating system. While some of the iPhone app development can be used for Android, the different operating system does require new programming. 100% of the funds raised, up to $15,000, will go towards paying for the Android app.

If the Kaua`i Beach Guide app saves even one life, the investment is worth it. The goal is to provide great water safety information, and let the beauty and aloha of Kaua`i’s island paradise be the memories visitors take away.

Visit, or search for ‘Kauai Beach Guide Android App’ at

The campaign ends Friday July 5, 2013. Visit for more information.